We're an early startup developing a product in the cloud market space that uses automation to save money for huge businesses. At this stage, our MVP is built and is starting to gain traction with customers. Looking to find pre-seed investment soon to build the product further and enter an accelerator to launch our startup the proper way with mentoring and professional help.

Cloudflow allows you to deploy any sort of infrastructure in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform by sketching the architecture you want and it will generate the deployment code. The secret sauce will be to use AI & Machine Learning in the background to construct your cloud architecture using best-practice standards and generate the optimal cloud architecture design.

We also specialise in creating blueprint cloud pattern architecture designs for companies to deploy the desired architecture for their business. This can save 10x the time it takes for architects/engineers to design and develop solutions on the cloud.

As Head of Engineering, you will have tremendous ownership and responsibility for the development and technology stack of an early-stage product. The ideal candidate must have a strong technical background together with great management skills to build the product and this will lead to becoming the CTO of the business. The individual will also work closely with the founder who has 3+ years experience in cloud and 6+ years in developing products.

Skills you must have:

- A degree level education in a tech-related subject
- Minimum 5 years of experience
- Cloud fundamentals (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
- React.JS/ReactNative
- Node.JS
- HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
- Advanced Database knowledge (NoSQL, SQL)
- Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
- Unit testing frameworks


- Machine learning knowledge
- Experienced in building enterprise-scale products

What we offer:

Be part of an innovative idea and a cause to help businesses
We can provide 20k for expenses once we secure pre-seed investment.
5% equity


Apply now to be part of one of the largest tech. markets in the world and have the opportunity to be part of an early startup.

To apply for the role, please send:
1) A link to your LinkedIn profile
2) Your CV / A link to your portfolio
3) One paragraph on why you think this role is for you (max. 100 words)