Did you know that as a country, we’re 20% less active than we were in the 1960’s?

Or that ⅓ of us don’t exercise enough?

And with COVID19 shutting gyms and studios, it’s never been more important to stay fit and healthy.

This drives us at Audiowings.

We believe relevant audio and incentives can help us stay fit.

We’re taking the Peloton experience outdoors. Creating headphones for runners.

Our headphones deliver great audio workouts, that are adaptive to your heart rate, cadence and other biometrics. Whilst we've evolved headphones. Incorporating sensors. Turning them into Fitbit's for our ears. They provide an immersive experience. Without needing a phone to operate. Motivating you to move. As a healthy you is a happy you.

We’re a team of engineers and technologists, who’ve experience working for Nokia, O2, Rolls Royce and more. We've a patent granted, prototypes developed and are going through manufacturing currently. With key partnerships in place and endorsements from Sir Richard Branson, Avnet and EE. However we’re looking for someone to help us create a community and execute our launch plan...

If you’ve got experience building, launching and growing a brand, then we’re for you. You’ll love this opportunity if you’ve done/ are aware of some of the below:

- Created a following around a subject/ theme on social.

- Gone viral with a random meme

- Created content using Photoshop/ Figma/ Canva/ a pen and paper

- Has launched ads on Facebook/ Instagram/ Linkedin etc

- Looked after writing/ editing copy for blogs/ newsletters etc

- Thought up and implemented crazy stunts to get a brand attention

- Built partnerships to help you get to market

- BONUS if you use a gym regularly, are a runner, or have done a bleep test in the last year...

Although we're looking for a 'do-er' and someone who is action focused, due to the importance of this role, the successful individual has the scope to become a potential co-founder. Being responsible for how people experience interact with our brand over a number of touchpoints. And we couldn’t be more excited to find someone to join our crazy bunch!