✔ Raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world!

✔ Be highly valued for your expertise and own a bunch of equity in an exciting high-growth potential startup

✔ Join a super fun, diversity-valuing culture!

★ Unparalleled equity for an early employee (12% - 17%)

★ First senior marketing hire. Ability to build your own team!

★ Career growth opportunities: VP of Marketing Technology, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Growth Officer, or Chief Marketing Officer

☝ We are kind, passionate, and optimistic about human potential for good

Niceable, an early-revenue London-based tech startup focused on charity, is hiring a Head of Growth Marketing to help us build and lead our team, achieve product-market fit, optimize user acquisition, and create a rich community of altruistic people.

Equity: 12% - 17%

Salary: £54,000-£70,000: salary begins when we’ve secured funding (late autumn/early winter)

Commitment: Minimum of twenty-five hours/week until we're salaried and then minimum of forty hours/week once salaried (ie, full-time)

Location: Remote right now. Must be in London by end of 2021. We strongly prioritize candidates already in or near London. Some remote is always cool.

Working hours: Flexible!

Niceable’s mission is to create a fairer world by raising billions for the most impactful charities

  • We’re building the first name in charitable giving
  • There are millions of nice people out there and we’re going to unlock their niceness
  • Our current team consists of a CEO, CTO, a few tech collaborators, and 5 marketing interns. After hiring the Head of Growth Marketing, we'll hire two additional marketers (reporting to you) and one product engineer.


  • AI to help users find the charity that will maximize the impact that they want to make
  • Blockchain donation tracking and reporting assures users that they’re indeed making a huge impact
  • Game-design that makes charitable giving feel like entertainment
  • Phenomenal luxury prizes to reward users for their niceness
  • This is just the start:

These Types Of People May Be Best Positioned To Accomplish This

  • A creative data-driven experimenter
  • An analytics expert who is great at A/B testing
  • A very good market segmenter
  • Someone passionate about the exhilarating and challenging nature of startup
  • Someone who has a life situation that enables them to commit to a startup (startup experience is a big plus)
  • Someone who can move from doing many marketing activities yourself to using your team-building, support, and big-picture skills to help your team succeed
  • Someone who is obsessed with product-market fit, user behavior, MQLs, pipeline, and customer lifetime value
  • Someone who truly believes that diversity makes us all better; that it’s not just about fairness
  • Someone who can offer skills in some of these areas: HTML, CSS, SEO, SEM, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, marketing automation, machine-based learning, dataflow, CRM, social listening platforms, cloud technologies, and viral widgets

Within 3 Months, You’ll

  • Have helped us hire and onboard your first direct report (perhaps a Community Marketing Manager to work on PR, social media, content, and consumer outreach)
  • Have found fruitful ways to utilize your interns (we have 5 marketing interns so far)
  • Understand the status of our current marketing activities
  • Have developed strategies for marketing activities from present through the time we secure funding for the marketing budget (hopefully less than 6 months from your work start date)

Within 6 Months, You’ll

  • Have acquired 5,000+ paying users without a marketing budget (or perhaps a few hundred pounds per month at most)
  • Have built a unified strategy and processes across all marketing channels that’s ready to utilize our post-seed round marketing budget of around £350,000 (ie, have the marketing machine ready to kickass!)
  • Have built and executed a proven testing and optimization program for email campaigns, alternate URLs, messaging for targeted segments in our social media, consumer outreach, content, and more
  • Have successfully enabled Niceable to “own” several productive keywords through conducting and applying market research, executing effective content strategies, etc.

Within 12 Months, You’ll

  • Have acquired 20,000+ additional paying users (assuming that you had access to half of the £350,000 marketing budget acquired 6 months prior)
  • Have built and executed a proven testing and optimization program for the Niceable platform, remarketing, and all advertising channels (eg, GoogleAds, Facebook, whatever you think is best)
  • Have helped establish a productive learning process with the product team

Within 24 Months, You’ll

  • Have acquired 50,000+ additional paying users to Niceable and have optimized our remarketing (yearly budget depends on second round of funding, but probably exceeds the first yearly budget of £350,000 by a lot)
  • Have brought your dog to work and they became the new Niceable mascot (you can draw a dog if you don’t have one!)
  • Have unified the marketing strategy with strategies developed by the new senior team additions: product and partnerships

Within 36 Months, You’ll

  • Have acquired hundreds of thousands of dedicated paid users
  • Have recruited, hired, onboarded, and unified a robust team of marketers that report to you or possibly a CMO and have transitioned to a more hands-off role


  • Millionaire-potential level of equity (shares!) in the company. Most startups give the first few employees 0.5% to 3.0% equity. However, we only want team members who are as passionate about Niceable and its mission as we are. So, we’re offering an unparalleled amount of equity to those who believe in us
  • Have a massive impact in building a rapidly growing tech startup that’s out to raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world
  • Be an influential member of a company that makes a huge difference, values diverse perspectives and life experiences, and is full of accomplished, fun, and caring people
  • Reach new career heights as an employee who got in before others
  • Flexible working hours

At Niceable, we deeply value having a team that is made up of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Niceable is also dedicated to being part of the solution in creating just employment practices. Come join us in transforming the way people give to charity and let's create a fairer world together.

Interested? Take a shot! Let's raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world!

Salary range £54,000 — 70,000

Equity = 12%-17% (most startups offer only 0.5%-4.0% for an early employee)