Capable & charismatic enough to talk the most high-calibre people into our wordly educational courses?

We're looking for a sales oriented entrepreneur to join our mission in saving young professionals from mediocre lives.


The Nomad MBA gets young professionals the skills & mindset for remarkable careers – full of meaning, growth and autonomy.

We do it by combining slow-travel as a select-community with entrepreneurial learning; to accelerate people’s professional & personal growth.

After getting 1,600 applications for our first program last June, and over 15,000 applications to this year’s programs, we’re now looking to grow fast.

Our mission is to get every young professional who feels “there’s got to be more to life than this” on the path to a remarkable career.


• Responsible for our complete application process from start to finish 

• Codifying/writing the best email copy for anyone that enters our application process

• Following up with interested leads and inspiring people to take the leap

• Interviewing potential applicants & accepting them onto our courses (Important)

• Creating inbound pieces - to help people make decisions through the process

• Structuring and keeping track of all our leads via our CRM system


• Be a superfan of personal growth... ranging from EQ to growth mindsets and the habits that underpin remarkable lives ...

• Have some experiences in sales... either as a copywriter for email, a good-talker, or a dealmaker at a fast paced startup

• Be a very fast learner and adaptable..

• Useful but not compulsory... Having experience in blog writing / extensive copywriting


• You have Charisma – You’re brave, willing to take risks, and challenge people. You can inspire people by infusing your work with excitement, meaning and personality. You’re friendly, you don’t take yourself too seriously all the time and laugh lots.

• You’re Persuasive - You understand human psychology, what inherently drives people, and are able to communicate that in words.

• You’re Target Driven - You look at the numbers & look to improve each iteration.

• You’re Consistent - You want no one to miss out on this opportunity - make sure to follow up.

• You can work Autonomously – You’re a self starter, get shit done and take on responsibility with relish.

• You’re able to write with panache and present withverve.

• You have a High EQ and are ready to collaborate with the rest of the team


• Active, accelerated personal growth. We guarantee that working with us will be fun, hard and intense... and you will be changed by it for the better.

• Company retreats that happen all around the world a few times a year.

• Work whenever you want to in the day, however you like to.

• Monthly training and professional learning budget

• Wackiness on tap. Be yourself fully; we take our work seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously, and are friends as much as a team.

Salary range £23,000 — 33,000

Depends on experience