The role in a second

Looking for an ambitious, experienced, proven paid ads rockstar marketer to come in and manage the collection of FB & Insta and Google Ads clients and work with us too as we expand into Linkedin paid advertising and other platforms.

Joining a UK team based around London but working from home with a digitally nomadic setup. All part of a startup that’s grown over 600% over 2020 and that growth looking good to continue on into 2021!

Job specifications

Title: Head of Paid Ads

Location: Digitally nomadic (UK South East / London preference)

Time required: Full time contracted

Salary: Depends heavily on applicants experience. A broad range of £25,000 - £30,000 with possible share package available, bonuses and startup style opportunity for growth.

The story

Snowball Creations is a marketing, sales and social media agency. We offer powerful growth tools like content, Vyper competition management, paid social media marketing on FB & Insta, Linkedin Lead Generation and website development. We’re also developing our own suite of software to create greater value for our clients and the team. Software creates leverage to make our jobs easier while delivering a better result for the client. We aim to be as ‘smart’ a business as we can!

These services are very successful and the business has recovered extremely quickly since an initial covid drop off. We went from £2.5k monthly revenue at the end beginning of 2020 to over £15k by 2021. This is speeding up rather than slowing down so the business we’re hoping should achieve a rate of revenue p/m of £20k by the end of Q1 2021 🤯 🥳

Where do you fit in?

One of the big growth areas for our business is managing scaled FB & Insta paid ads campaigns and now Google Ads and our paid advertising all together. Your main job would be to help further develop our system as a company from onboarding a client through to regular management in an ever more effective way that leads to continuous iterative improvements driving an ever better ROI. Plus promoting our vyper comps.

This role could grow into so much more beyond this too! Taking charge of client relationships and helping them to develop their overall marketing strategy and package with the business, upselling them into other services the agency offers. Coming up with entirely new services or opportunities for the business!

This is primarily a role that requires someone who’s a talented marketing expert with paid advertising. Secondary to that though is someone with an ability to manage relationships with clients. By that I mean, know how to make a client love and trust you. Make them dread the thought of not having Snowball Creations in their life and problem solve in any way required to get them selling! A client making a profit is a client for life!

Why Snowball Creations?

We’re an extremely driven company. Every team member is madly ambitious and focused on making the company something big. I, Max the founder, want to leave a mark on the world in a big way. Snowball Creations is my vessel to do that by helping young businesses to scale (snowball) through the growth tools we offer.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment I commit fully to you too. I will put total trust into you as the experienced rock star that you are with free reign to work in the way that suits you as long as it doesn’t impact other team members. With all the perks like unlimited paid holiday and working from where you like in the world (As long as fair timezone gap to London, asia probably step too far).

Free reign but not left alone. My number one goal is to help you grow personally as fast as I can make you. If you’re someone that aspires for more and has great ambitions for life, then Snowball Creations is the home for you!

What we are looking for in you
  • Extremely ambitious and excited at the thought of building a modern innovative and global marketing agency and taking real ownership of it.

  • An intelligent and analytical thinker, able to take a data driven approach to developing our FB & Insta paid ads service.

  • Confident in yourself and your work and with people.

  • Workaholic and proud.

  • Love numbers!

  • Likeable as hell! You’re great at making people love you.

  • Empathetic to both the client and team around you.

Essential hard skills and experience required
  • Great standard of written and spoken English.

  • 3+ years experience with FB & Insta Paid Advertising having produced and managed scaled paid advertising campaigns through business manager. Not just boosting posts.

  • 3+ years experience with Google Adwords having also produced and managed scaled campaigns over many months and years.

  • Experience with social media marketing more broadly.

Bonus points
  • Experience in Linkedin paid ads and other paid ad platforms

  • Significant SEO experience.

  • Worked within marketing agencies before.

  • Worked within startups before.

  • Specific examples of great success with paid advertising campaigns.

Salary range £25,000 — 30,000

Dependent on experience but share package potential too