Head of Product

PetaGene Ltd.

Cambridge, UK | Full-Time

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New Opportunities for a New Appointee:

PetaGene has been recognised three times as the world’s leading genomic data software company for compression, cloud access and encryption/compliance, and is now expanding its focus to Big Data and Machine Learning.

Thanks to PetaGene’s transparent lossless compression and encryption, researchers and clinicians in Precision Medicine - targeting cancer and rare diseases - have been able to more efficiently and securely access their data. Some of PetaGene’s solutions are also best-in-breed for Big Data customers, not just for Precision Medicine customers. The cloud streaming and virtual file systems tool, and the transparent encryption and deep auditing (compliance) system, have wide applicability.

So PetaGene is expanding its market focus from Genomics to Big Data and Machine Learning in general.

We are looking for a Head of Product to join our team and make an outsized-contribution to the growth of our company and our products, especially by positioning our existing products in wider markets and going-to-market.


  • Refine product-market fit, help with new market entry
  • Collect and analyse feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and end products
  • Validate/invalidate ideas and assumptions of product-market fit with evidence, extracting the signal from the noise
  • Make creative recommendations to expand the product base and vision
  • Work with senior management to create and implement product plans and roadmaps
  • Drive data gathering for tracking product use and impact on end-users
  • Drive product growth, retention and monetisation

Success for us is someone who helps us with:

  • Drive new products
  • Fail quickly rather than slowly
  • Growing revenues

Key Requirements

  • You must have a background in developing or selling Enterprise Storage or Enterprise Networking, or where Enterprise Storage or Enterprise Networking is the core/central aspect of the products you have been managing. Enterprise Storage in this context could include disks, object storage, flash drives, maybe even tape, on cloud, or the management of them, or the software-defined versions of these, but experience with databases is not relevant for us.
  • We want candidates to have direct experience with the customers and market landscape of Enterprise Storage or Enterprise Networking. You should be familiar with IT departments of big organisations, their needs, and how the procurement decisions work.
  • 3-6 years experience as a Product Manager or similar role

Other Requirements:

  • We value your commercial perspective and ideally you would have seen many different business models, preferably in SaaS, enterprise software/hardware
  • Strong customer-facing experience, engaging with customers to nail product-market fit
  • Prefer experience in taking a product (not just feature) from initial concept(s), through to finding product-market fit, developing a go-to-market strategy, launch and iterative refinement
  • Previous experience in this role within a startup preferred
  • Analytical thinking (to avoid following hunches but instead ask the right questions and focus on finding facts and numbers to support a case)
  • Empathy (to understand the mindsets of customers and stakeholders)
  • Creative problem-solving skills and aptitude
  • Excellent communication skills (to bridge gaps between mindsets)
  • Experience in product lifecycle management
  • Bonus: a background in managing software development (Agile) is a bonus but is not required


  • Competitive
  • Reimbursement of private ancillary health costs for employee and family members (taxable)