Head of Wine

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Peckham, London | Full-Time

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Who we are

Wine is the UK's most popular alcoholic drink – and yet knowledge is held by the 0.5%. Perceptions of elitism and snobbery are rife. When you do decide you want to get into wine, there's just so much to take in. And when you splash out, good wine is so often hit and miss.

We are here to end that.

Wine List is on a mission to empower wine lovers with thirst and knowledge. We help you learn in a simple, incremental and non-pretentious way. And we provide you access to interesting wines you won't ever find in the supermarket to discover while you learn.

Our vision is a world where the confidence gap with wine is bridged. And the way we're heading there is making learning as easy as possible.

Equal opportunities employer We are committed to providing equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, or any other basis.

About this role

This role is a vital hire at this stage of Wine List.

Head of Wine will be responsible for two lead areas:

(1) sourcing new wines, and

(2) acting as the face of the education side of the company.

With sourcing new wines, you'll be expected to travel around the world, meeting new winemakers and negotating exclusive rights within the UK.

With the education side, you will be expected to be the face of the company in video content, as well as promote the wine education side of our business.

Who you are

You'll have a real passion for helping other people discover their bottle of wine. You'll be obsessed by wine as a subject, and constantly be upping your knowledge and trying new things.

You'll be a brilliant communicator, humble, and passionate. You'll be organised, confident and outgoing.

You'll also be fascinated by startups and what they can achieve. We're looking for someone who wants to disrupt the industry a bit and bring (some of it) into the 21st century. This will suit someone who has felt traditional companies were too slow-paced or bureaucratic.

What we're looking for in you

  • [ ] Highly knowledgeable in wine. WSET L3+ or equivalent in other gained knowledge.
  • [ ] Comfortable on camera. We do a lot on camera, and we're about to start doing more. So much so that we're making a video element part of this interview process.
  • [ ] A brilliant relationship builder. In a normal year, a large part of this job will be spent flying around the world finding winemakers who haven't yet been discovered. That jobs even harder over Zoom and email – but it's got to be done.
  • [ ] Excellent with languages. Most of the world don't speak English as their first language. We need someone who has some languages under their belt already and motivated by learning more.
  • [ ] Sales and negotiation-driven. Winebuying isn't just about finding great stories, but making great wines work at great prices. Wine List is on an incredible mission – and we need someone motivated by that who can sell that to everyone they speak to.
  • [ ] Entrepreneurial. You'll be working independently and setting up processes for the first time, this requires hustle, self-starting and confidence.

What you'll get in return

  • Competitive salary plus generous stock options – depending on experience
  • 28 days holiday per year
  • Wine perks: access to tastings, education, and winemaker days where we learn to make wine
  • Office in Peckham, South London
  • Be part of the founding team – you could be employee number three in a fast-growing wine company.

How to apply

Head to https://www.notion.so/thewinelist/Head-of-Wine-d705071b02ae4f659e3597bd98fa0ce8 To apply, you need to provide your CV or LinkedIn, three bulletpoints (no more than 250 words) on why you're right for the role, and one reason why you want the job.

This application also requires recording a 3 minute video which you will need to upload beforehand on a private Dropbox, Youtube, Google Drive, WeTransfer or similar.

We need you to film a short video in advance of this application. This video should

  • Explain to an audience how they can improve their sense of aromas and flavours
  • Must be suited for an amateur enthusiast audieence
  • Be under 3 minutes in length