International Summer Intern Program - India


India - Bangalore and Hyderabad

Given the increasing importance of Asia in the forthcoming years, HiredGrad is pleased to offer the opportunity to global-minded students to gain international exposure and experience by completing a 3-month Summer Internship in India. The two components of the internship program are. The two components of the internship program are:

# Professional

# Cultural


During the professional component as well as on weekends, cultural learning trips can be planned to give them experience of various parts of country hence extending the cultural immersion throughout the internship. For instance, weekend trips to a getaway location near the place of internship where they get to see the place, culture, interact with locals as India has rich diversity of cultures as one move around various parts of country.

Depending upon the commercials as agreed with students, logistics etc., can be arranged as well at the economical rates.


This follows the cultural component. Based on the sectoral theme chosen, the student shall undergo an industry internship at a medium-sized organisation or a startup giving them exposure to doing business in that local market.

There are already 30 high growth startups and VCs registered to the programme, including T-Hub, the largest startup incubator in India.

The cities where the programme takes place are Bangalore and Hyderabad and sectoral focus is on technology startups. Please check below the full list of companies registered to the programme, and express you interest in the ones you would like to work for.

The 12-week, fully managed program is available for student as a package with the following included:

# Accommodation

# Cultural component

# Professional component – guaranteed internship at the participating company for which the student has been selected

# Local mobile connection

# Medical, travel and gadget insurance

# Guidance on visa, travel and food

# Support on the ground