Swap your Candy Crush for a real Crush !

We are growing and need more Developers On-Board

BuckleUp (by AirDates), is a funded, growing start-up pushing the limit of Dating Apps from underground to sky.

After a successful presentation in various tech conferences Techcrunch, TNW, WebSummit… and a worldwide press coverage (paper, TV, radio..), we need to accelerate our development, and to grow our team immediately.

Help Us, Connect offline, Anyone, Everywhere, Anytime !

Job description

We're looking for Junior full-time iOS developer to join AirDates and help us develop and oversee the implementation and delivery of our products. As a member of the team you will participate to the development of our iOS App.

You Will assist our CTO and work closely with our London based development Team.

AirDates is a ‘Revolutionary Dating App with No Tabou’ AirDates is the perfect “EnRoute” Dating companion, and has enjoyed some early traction (more than 35k beta testers) and is now on its last phase from public launch. Perfect timing to join the company.

This role is best aimed at graduates who are freelancing or looking to gain some experience. You should have complete University - No Online Courses or Coding Bootcamp. This Junior position will have a probation period of 6 months prior converting to permanent position.

As part of a small team, you must be comfortable in analysing user behaviour, planning, iterating and building quality software.


Start-Up Philosophy / Flexible, independent,

Knowledge and experience of Swift, Xcode, iOS 11

Experience working with iOS frameworks, caching mechanisms, JSON/XML, REST APIs, Git, Agile

Experience working with third-party libraries and APIs

Experience in developing content-rich applications with custom UI components

Experience working with Jira, (Bitbucket, Confluence…)

Able to work accurately from designs - Sketch

Preferable: AWS, Node.js

A plus : A good understanding of telco protocoles, offline connections, Bluetooth BLE


Collaborate with the team, iOS/Android Developers and Back-end developer, to develop a great product

Analyse user behaviour, contribute ideas and suggestions to add new features

Test the app to ship with minimum bugs

Make decisions on which technologies to use during development of the app

Also preferable: Design and UX skills

Salary from 22k £ to 28k £ according to experience

Additional benefits : Transport participation + Health Insurance + Stock Options…

You will have the opportunity to work for an exciting new start up, and learn how to develop a brand new product

You will enjoy a perfect working environment, our offices being located @TechHub London - oil the heart of London/Shoreditch TechCity

You will need a great attitude, hard working and fun.

We need from you:

  • Your CV
  • Github or Bitbucket Link (we need to know your coding skills and organisation)
  • At least, a link to one of your published or beta iOS App

Our Time is precious :

  • Candidates need to be already London Based
  • No VISA sponsorship - No Remote

Buckleup (by AirDates)

Train, plane and tube travel is often characterised by waiting, queueing, more waiting and often no connectivity. There are almost no apps that utilise bluetooth/wifi direct p2p networking. Even though wifi is starting to become an important aspect inside planes, however the speed, price & reliability remain an issue.

BuckleUp makes travelling better by enabling fellow passengers to chat and more without internet. In addition to the classical Dating Apps features, from swiping to hyper location and nearby matching, users can enjoy BuckleUp online or offline, Underground or Up in the Air.

Get Ready to swap your Candy Crush for a real Crush!

Founded by Michael Richard, French, Geek, Serial Dater, he got the idea on summer 2014 South East Asia road-trip using all Dating Apps on the market but never inflight and he was flying a lot…

Our Founder is a Born entrepreneur since Business School, Founder of Real-estates development companies in Eastern Europe and Asia, sold it to International Funds, managed Joint Ventures with Dutch Funds, with Austrian Funds, Invest in tech companies…

www.airdates.co - [email protected]

AirDates in the press :

Featured by Mashable, Maxim, The Sun, Telegraph, Coriere della Sera, New York Post, Daily Star, Bild + more

Salary range £22,000 — 28,000

Interesting package (Transport, Stock Option, Health insurance...)