What you’ll be doing

You’ll become a core member of the engineering team and will be working on our front-end -- an essential piece to the success of the machine learning platform. You will work closely with our frontend lead as well as the backend team on all things front-end including helping to hire and grow the team as needed.

We’re looking for someone who loves what they do. The single most important thing is that you have to be passionate about programming and love learning new things. Beyond that you need to be kind, courteous, motivated, self-starting, honest and responsible.

Skills and experience with (sorted from “important” to “nice-to-have”):

  • React, Redux

  • Less, Sass, CSS Modules or CSS-in-JS

  • Communicating with REST APIs

  • Webpack

  • Typescript

  • D3.js, Immutable.js, Gatsby.js

Our Stack

Our current frontend solution is a single page app which talks to the backend exclusively using the public REST API which we also expose to our clients. The frontend code itself is written in Typescript, using React, Redux and Webpack. For CSS, we currently use Sass, but are exploring alternative styling solutions as well. The backend is a mixture of Python and Rust and consists of many containerized stateless microservices (and a few stateful ones), many of which run heavy numerical loads. Everything gets deployed on Kubernetes.

The team

re:infer was founded by Machine Learning researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs from UCL and Google. We’re a small team of technologists (~ 10 people) motivated by solving the very hard problem of getting machines to understand conversations.

We work in two-week sprints following the best bits of the Agile approach to software development. Our employees benefit from a relaxed, social atmosphere in which they’re free to make use of our open-plan office to discuss ideas, or put their headphones in and find a quiet corner as and when they require. We support flexible working hours and have a generous holiday policy and company pension. Everyone gets their own top-spec laptop and whatever office hardware works for them.

The business

re:infer makes human conversations understood and actionable to machines. We allow our (often non-technical) users to create, manage and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms against high volume streams of conversational data. Our mission is to make all natural language communication structured, measurable and easily actionable.

re:infer is a B2B SaaS machine learning and analytics platform controlled and monitored via a web UI. We are an early stage startup with significant funding and growing very fast. It is an opportunity to make a major impact at an early stage, to tackle big problems and work towards artificial intelligence with a true grasp of human language.

re:infer’s offices are at Mindspace Aldgate, just to the east of the square mile in London.

Salary range £40,000 — 55,000

Dependent on experience