For the past two years, Spill Engineering has been a one-man show.

Though we're a technical bunch - 60% of us have degrees in Computer Science - our Lead Engineer runs the show on Spill's product and website. This means everything from full stack development to deployment to infrastructure architecture to dev ops. And we're very proud of our traction so far. Our product is serving thousands of users in dozens of companies with 99% uptime and virtually bug-free.

But now we're ready to level up.

We're looking for someone to helps us with the growing backlog of development work. This includes product development (features on the app, dev ops), ops development (tools and infrastructure), growth development (random hacks to help our growth plays), website development (SEO, CMS) and much more.

The company and product

We're a London-based tech startup working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. We're funded by Passion Capital and Seedcamp: the best in the game.

We make a Slack app that companies purchase to allow their employees to access wellbeing tools and content (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book therapy or coaching sessions in just three clicks (if they need more support). It’s everything that the NHS, private health insurance and employee assistance programmes aren’t: easy to access, designed to be used by everyone, and 100% un-intimidating. We’re proud to count among our list of clients progressive employers like Typeform, Depop and Bulb.

The job and the work

This is that of an individual contributor. You'll be writing code - a lot of it. This is a job you get because you want to accrue a lot of experience writing high quality code and building things for production.

You won't just be given tickets. You'll own your features end-to-end, from concept all through to shipping and bug fixing in production. You'll work directly with product, ops, and growth people, to ship whatever is required. You'll have to clarify your requirements and speak up when something is unclear.

You'll be given a lot of autonomy, but that doesn't mean we won't also give you support. Your tech lead will be there to answer questions and help you manage your workload.

Our current tech stack includes

  • Node.js
  • Postgresql
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Babel
  • Web pack
  • Git & Github

The ideal candidate

We care about experience, traits, and attitude. We also care about diversity — we want to receive applications from as wide a range of people as possible.


We don't need you to have had a lot of experience, or indeed any, but we do need you to know how to code. Well. We need you to have working knowledge of our tech stack.

Traits and attitude

You're a developer. You love writing code. You are enthusiastic about building cool things. You want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. You care about clean code.

You're hard-working. You're organised. You're determined. You have integrity and an excellent work ethic. You take pride in a job well done. You're motivated. You're driven. You're passionate.

You're clever. You're logical. You're clear in your spoken and written communication. You're able to articulate your thoughts and feelings. Your experience means that you know how to tell the trivial from the important.

You're honest. You're humble and willing to change your mind, when the facts change. You're able to show vulnerability. You're ready to admit your mistakes and insecurities. You can and will ask for help. You're a good listener.

Above all, you're able and willing to set your ego aside and dedicate yourself to a mission that's bigger than all of us. You believe in reducing unnecessary emotional pain. And you want to give it to 1 million more people.

The pay and benefits

The salary for this full-time position is £35-39k depending on your experience, and it starts with a three-month probation period.

We obviously have all the statutory benefits - 28 days of holiday, pension, sick leave. It should go without saying that you can take the day off or chat with your Spill therapist if you're feeling under the weather. For more on how we work at Spill and what to expect, take a look at our careers page.

The joke goes that when startups say they have a flat structure they mean that the CEO makes every decision. That when they say you'll have lots of autonomy they mean you'll have to figure it all out by yourself. That faced-paced environment means everyone's stressed and overworked. That unlimited holiday means no holiday. And so on. This is only funny because it's often true.

This is not a job you take because you want benefits. This is a job you take because you want to prove yourself. If you're successful, you'll be "the one who took Spill to Series B". And you'll never have to hustle for a job ever again.

That said, you'll probably find at Spill some of the things you find in all startups: a friendly atmosphere, inspiring colleagues, lots of opportunities for learning and growth.

On top of that, we often have rogue ideas. About once a year we seem to decide to fly somewhere with better weather. Last year we finished an important project in Morocco. This summer, we moved the whole company to Lisbon for six weeks. Every few months, we go somewhere remote for a few days and make our plans for the quarter. We have no idea how Spill culture will change as we grow. But we're open to good pitches. We rarely say no to a good idea.

Salary range £35,000 — 39,000

Depending on experience