We’re Availo and we’re a team of four. Rob Bye, Nick Wood, Nick Clement and Alex Papa (more joining soon).

Availo is changing the way freelancers work. We get top freelancers the best jobs at startups, studios and tech companies, all within a single platform. There’s no middle man, no scrolling through job listings and no long waits for email responses. Clients simply view the freelancers work before messaging them directly.

There a quite a few companies trying to solve this problem, however our tech focussed approach, awesome partnerships and ability to scale quickly sets us apart from everyone else. The long term vision is to provide freelancers with a consistent income whilst allowing them to work on the most interesting projects out there.

We have 250+ designers on the platform (over 1500 have applied to be a part of it) and 50+ clients such as Instagram, UsTwo & Google Creative Labs. Our goals for the next 3 months are to release the full V1 of our product, establish processes that will aid the long term success of the company and continue to introduce incredible freelancers to some of the most interesting companies in London.

Right now we have a working Beta, but our new version will include a full booking system with support for contracts and payments. This will be launching in April 2017 in London, New York and San Francisco.

Key areas of responsibility for our Lead Designer:

Owning our digital products You will define the look, feel and interaction of our digital products, whilst working with our Head of Mobile, Head to Tech (currently hiring) and CEO.

Working with our community We have an extremely tight knit community of freelancers & ambassadors (around 100 on slack), who will be at your disposal to assist with focus groups, feedback and anything you can think will be useful.

Working closely with the Founders Assisting with the overall vision of the company, helping define new directions and new features for the product.

What we’re looking for:

An impressive portfolio of digital products

You have a track record of creating digital products, taking them from sketches, and ideally all the way through to the app store with an incredible attention to detail and visual style.

UX Experience

You understand UX, know how to run focus groups and are happy working on 2 week sprints whilst integrating user feedback.

Freelance Experience

We’re producing products for freelancers, so it’s a huge plus if you have freelanced before, ideally for over a year. Background You may have worked with early stage startups before and know what it’s like to work beyond your defined job role.


You’re great at delivering products under tight schedules and are willing to work hard to product something you are proud of.


You should be bang up to date with the current design toolsets and documentation processes such as Sketch & Adobe CS, prototyping tools such as: Invision & Flinto. Any experience with Framer, Cinema 4D and After Effects would be very handy.

The best way to apply is by gaining an introduction into one of the founders. If you can do this we’ll go straight to a face to face interview. If not, simply email us at [email protected]

Salary range £30,000 — 40,000

0.1-0.5% equity, depending on experience