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✔ Raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world!

✔ Own multi-millionaire level equity (12.0%-15.5%) in a massively high-growth potential startup!

✔ Join a super fun, diversity-valuing culture that greatly appreciates your expertise!

✔ Get in early to fast-track your career as a company leader!

We're looking for a Lead Developer to help turn our platform into the world’s premier online space for informed, trackable, entertaining, and community-driven charitable giving. Our early-revenue "charity tech” startup is seeking a skilled, empathetic, self-sufficient, and collaborative developer who is passionate about startup life, able to turn ambiguities into an amazing product, and can help our CTO build, mentor, and manage our development team as we grow.

☝ We are kind, passionate, and optimistic about human potential for good!


12.0%-15.5% (unparalleled for an early employee!)


£62,000-£67,000: salary begins when we’ve secured funding (~early winter)


We prefer candidates who can put in at least twenty hours/week until we're salaried and then a minimum of forty hours/week once salaried (ie, full-time)


Remote right now. Must be in London by the end of 2021. We strongly prioritize candidates already in or near London. We can’t sponsor visas. After COVID, we'll be in the office most days, but some remote is always cool.

Working hours:


Niceable’s mission:

To create a fairer world by raising billions for the most impactful charities in the world


  • AI to help you find the charity that will maximize the impact that you want to make
  • Blockchain donation tracking and reporting brings certainty that you’re making a huge impact
  • Game-design that makes charitable giving feel like entertainment
  • Phenomenal luxury prizes to reward you for your niceness
  • We’re moving in the right direction! Do a search for ""

Our Stack:

  • React.js (Primary frontend language)
  • Go (Primary backend language)
  • Node.js (some)
  • JavaScript (some)
  • Firebase (serverless)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Github
  • Confluence


  • Build super cool features for the platform: eg, donation tracking (blockchain?), charity selection advice (AI?), real-time communication with charities, live prize announcements
  • Lead code reviews to ensure accountability and stability, encouraging knowledge sharing with all peers
  • Support the CTO in building and managing the technology team as it grows
  • Collaborate with all internal teams to evolve our platform and improve various areas of the business

You May Be Best Positioned to Succeed if You Are Someone with...

  • Strong JavaScript and Golang skills
  • Strong skills in modern JS frontend frameworks (eg, React, Vue, Angular)
  • Strong skills in backend-focused JS (eg, Node, Express)
  • Good UX/UI design and implementation skills
  • A passion for the exhilarating and challenging nature of startup
  • A life situation that enables you to commit to a startup (startup experience is a big plus)
  • A strong belief that diversity makes us all better; that it’s about more than fairness
  • A desire to help build and maintain a fun and supportive culture
  • The ability to work in a continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • A DevOps mindset to help build, run, and own your own code in a production environment
  • A firm belief in test-driven development and continuous deployment with tools such as Jenkins
  • The ability to follow best practices regarding security, performance, and accessibility
  • The ability to work with cloud platforms and serverless architecture with GCP (eg, Firebase)

Within 3 Months, You’ll...

  • Have a solid understanding of the status of our platform and Niceable as a business
  • Have built small platform features (likely UX-related)
  • Be ready to contribute to our product and tech roadmaps
  • Have found fruitful ways to work with our volunteer tech collaborators and utilize our two web development interns

Within 6 Months, You’ll...

  • Have worked with our Head of Growth Marketing to create thoroughly tested and optimized UX throughout the platform
  • Have begun to gamify our platform
  • Have helped establish a productive learning process with the product and analytics teams

Within 12 Months, You’ll...

  • Have established a management system and good working relationship with outsourced developers
  • Have thoroughly gamified our platform
  • Have made strides in implementing community/social elements into the platform
  • Have created a Niceable app (maybe)
  • Have worked with the CTO to solidify plans for advanced features (eg, donation tracking, charity selection advice, etc.)
  • Have helped us build an excellent network of experts to support extending our platform

Within 24 Months, You’ll...

  • Have helped hire, onboard, and manage new developers
  • Have a robust system in place for quickly scaling our developer team
  • Have utilized a full team of experts to support extending our platform with a vision toward IPO


  • Millionaire-potential level of equity (shares!) in the company. Most startups give the first few employees 0.5% to 3.0% equity. However, we only want team members who are as deeply passionate and committed as we are. So, we’re offering an unparalleled amount of equity to those who are fully in it with us
  • Have a massive impact in building a rapidly growing tech startup that’s out to raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world
  • Be an influential member of a company that makes a huge difference, values diverse perspectives and life experiences, and is full of accomplished, fun, and caring people
  • Reach new career heights as an employee who got in before others. The sky’s the limit!
  • Flexible working hours and ability to occasionally work remotely

At Niceable, we deeply value having a team that is made up of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Niceable is also dedicated to being part of the solution in creating just employment practices. Join us in transforming the way people give to charity and let's create a fairer world together!

Interested? Take a shot! Let's raise billions for the most impactful charities in the world!

Note: We need you to fill out this Google form to be eligible for the position: Thanks!

Salary range £62,000 — 67,000

Equity = 12.0%-15.5% (most startups offer only 0.5%-4.0% for an early employee). May be able to raise the salary for the right candidate.