Full-stack software engineer for discovery-AI start-up (first-employee status + equity + salary + leadership)

🌍 Remote first company. Founders currently based in the UK. Investors in San Francisco.

We are a small start-up but have global ambitions. We gained early investment from Entrepreneur First (London) and are now backed by Boost VC (Silicon Valley). We’re building something totally new — an experiment based on a contrarian approach following the 'zero-to-one' method. We want to work with others that challenge what they and we think every day. We want someone to join us who is committed to our vision and sees this role as an exciting adventure.

🌙 Who are we?

Moonsift is building your “digital twin” for product discovery. Our vision is to re-imagine product discovery by putting AI in the hands of consumers instead of advertisers. Unbiased AI that understands 'personal taste' and helps people discover the things they genuinely want to know about, instead of what the highest paying advertiser wants them to see. In practical terms, think of something like Pinterest for shopping with a better-than-Spotify recommendation AI.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We’re a half-British, half-Kiwi team of a computational neuroscience PhD, former professional dubstep artist and a serial entrepreneur. We’ve been on a two-year journey of product development and this year launched our first beta product that is currently disrupting the online fashion industry. It’s been a huge hit with London’s personal stylist community and we are experiencing fantastic engagement with our early adopter community.

🙋‍♀🙋‍♂️️Who are we looking for?

Just two things really: competence and ambition. If you think you’d enjoy the job and are excited or intrigued by the vision then get in touch. A few things we are specifically paying attention to are:

  • The importance of writing good, clean code and understanding software engineering principles.
  • Knowledge of algorithmic performance, security and NoSQL databases.
  • Ambition to build a team around you is a plus.

We’re also keen on building an inclusive and diverse team in terms of gender, race, sexual orientation and interests.

🚀 What might you be working on?

  • Building new features for our web-app.
  • Becoming lead developer of the web-app as well as our browser-extensions and our forthcoming mobile app.
  • Being actively involved in product design decisions and researching and choosing elements of our tech-stack.
  • The role will be flexible and tailored to both your goals and the company. Early worksets you could own include:
    • Owning the build of our mobile-app
    • Building out the community platform
    • Building our paid-partnership programme
    • Growth hacks
    • Ideas of your own

💻 Our current tech stack: Lots of Node, some Python, React+Redux, Firebase, Javascript Chrome browser extension, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

🏢🤩 What do we think is a good working environment?

  • We’ve been working remotely for almost two years, but keen to have the option to work from a company hub one day.
  • Flexible working times where we’ll agree core hours, but, if it suits us all, why shouldn’t you be able to work a day on the weekend and take a day off in the week?
  • We’ve invested in a high-quality, scalable and low-maintenance tech stack where errors get fixed and not ignored.
  • We have regular product design meetings and code reviews with both founders.
  • Some pair programming, but mostly you’ll be expected to work well independently. As we grow we want to continue to be a team of highly capable individuals.
  • We’re really excited to have a team study plan in place. We’ll be expecting to learn things from you and if you aren’t learning things from us, you’ll be expected to spend some working hours studying new methods we can apply!

More on our values

🏞️🚲⛹️‍♂️🧘 How will Moonsift help you have a great life outside of work too?

  • First-employee status and equity that means Moonsift’s success is your success.
  • Flexible working hours and remote working.
  • A free personal stylist session on request!
  • Opportunity to take the role wherever you want and be involved in the evolution of our company and culture.
  • Salary based on experience.

📩 No application forms, just send a short email to [email protected] and your LinkedIn profile and we’ll take it from there.

Salary range £40,000 — 70,000

Salary + Equity dependent on experience