Who are we?

For years, education companies have been looking for ways to better engage their students. And more recently, entertainment companies have been looking for ways to be better educators.

Our mission at Wibbu is to work with the biggest names in both of those industries to create beautiful, engaging, and effective digital education-entertainment products.

We specialise in creating games, stories, and interactive content for kids to learn languages. We believe in inspiring kids to learn by creating strong emotional connections between them and the products they use.

Languages are extremely powerful. They open up our worlds to new job opportunities, to new travelling experiences, and to new friendships. Wibbu’s mission is to bring the world together through education and entertainment.

Who are we looking for?

We love to work with empathic people who are passionate about their work. We love creators, and people who are proactive and who take the initiative to test and create. If you like to learn new skills and to try out cool ideas, then you’re probably a good fit! We respect hard work, good organisation, and the ability to take the lead on projects.

We’re extra keen to talk to you if you have a strong interest in researching and developing cutting-edge language-related technologies, and if you enjoy mentoring and empowering others to develop their skills.

What will you be responsible for?

  • Taking ownership of all tech-related activities, creating and maintaining code bases, defining requirements and tasking, undertaking QA testing, and delivering to production.
  • Being equally comfortable creating game UI systems, features, middleware, and RESTful web services.
  • Working with UX, UI, and product designers to take features from the concept stage through to completion. Testing prototypes with both a technical and a UX mindset.
  • Maintaining live products, ensuring systems are regularly updated and remain secure and performant with major operating system and security updates.
  • Designing the software architecture of any new development work and documenting code design decisions.
  • Working closely with the cross-functional team to understand the challenges of feature development, assisting with planning, roadmaps, and technical advice.
  • Maintaining and prioritising the tech backlog.

What expertise and experience will you need?

  • At least 5 years development experience in full-stack game development.
  • Strong C# for Unity3D 2018 skills with a focus on usability, maintainability, quality, and building for the long term.
  • Experience building cross-platform UI in Unity3D 2018 that works on a variety of screen ratios (4:3 - 21:9).
  • To have designed, created, tested, maintained, and monitored the performance of Node.js based RESTful web services.
  • Experience working with MongoDB/NoSQL systems.
  • To have designed and developed a Google Cloud Platform service (or experience with other cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure).
  • To have integrated and released products with a BAAS provider, Firebase or equivalent.
  • Experience setting up and data mining Analytics databases. Google Analytics or Piwik/Matomo preferred.
  • To have a passion for driving efficiency through task automation.
  • A combination of strong software engineering techniques and agile methods: OO design, continuous integration, code review, unit testing, refactoring and related approaches.
  • A solid grasp of how to optimise code for low-end mobile games.
  • To be a smart and a quick learner who loves to master new technologies and an initiative taker when facing big challenges.
  • A strong interest in researching and developing cutting-edge language-related technologies.
  • The ability to see things from the point of view of the end user.
  • Comfortable with CI, continuous deployment, Git, and project management tools like JIRA/Asana.
  • An understanding of international data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, COPPA, and FERPA.

We will really love you if...

  • You can speak a few different (human!) languages.
  • You have been part of a small team/startup before.
  • You enjoy playing with WordPress sites, using visual page-building tools, editing themes and plugins.
  • You like developing desktop apps/tools in ElectronJS.
  • You have a passion for Natural Language Processing (NLTK/Wink/AWS Comprehend) and machine learning.
  • You have dabbled in WebGL game development.
  • You love learning about front-end web development technologies, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ES6, ReactJS.


If everything above sounds like the next step you’re looking for, please send your CV along with a cover letter to [email protected], explaining your experience and expertise, and why you’d love to join us here at Wibbu!