About us

FerryMill is an international fintech company. The core of our business is online-lending service ekapusta.com, operating over 6 years in Russia and fulfilling needs of 2+ million customers.

We are opening this vacancy as a part of our long term strategy, which involves regional expansion into European markets including United Kingdom

About position

We are looking for a likeminded person who will go through all steps of establishing new business in the UK with us and than lead this business. We want our future colleague to have two main competences: management experience (probably starting new enterprise) and technical background (e-commerce, web-service etc.)

About responsibilities

  • Starting up new business in the UK
  • Local team management and supervision, which includes hire process, employees development, retention and engagement
  • Setting goals and developing roadmap of a product, including backlog management and prioritisation
  • Participating in setting company's objectives on the local market
  • Constantly finding ways for local branch to act more efficient
  • Operation management
  • Dealing with Financial Authority's requests and reports

About rewards

We don't have any number in mind, but we are sure that this job should have competitive salary plus performance-based rewarding system.