We are a small revenue generating company whose goal it is to drive forward innovation in the futures most critical industries. The first industry we have chosen is rail due to its importance in enhancing social and economic mobility.

Our model for innovation is:

  • Running hackathons allowing us to rapidly solve problems.

  • Implementing innovative technology with key pilot clients.

  • Scaling the validated solutions across to other customers.

Our flagship hackathon, known as the “HackTrain”, is a movement leading innovation across Europe influencing policy change, bringing key stakeholders together, and improving the customer experience for passengers. We are increasingly becoming the top choice within the transport industry for breakthrough level innovation. In order to scale and make an impact we need a world-class team to help us make a difference in this fast-growing but slow moving industry.

Together we can drive massive change within the transport industry that will see it becoming more efficient and pleasant to use for everyone. Your role will be to lead the marketing strategy at Hack Partners as we set on our goal to transition from startup to scale-up. You can expect to undertake some of the following:

  • Building and regularly engaging with a community of young, talented innovators interested in the HackTrain movement

  • Creating our marketing strategy for all of our activities including events, consultancy services, and tech products

  • Impacting an entire industry through innovation based on the relationships and partnerships you build

Are you the one who can forever change the transport industry?

You will be at the heart of a truly unique movement that will have a massive impact within the UK/EU economy. Here are some examples of what you will be doing:

  • Leading the creation and execution of marketing strategies that will directly impact the growth of the Hack Partners and make a difference to the transport ecosystem.

  • Further building and engaging with our community of transport innovators through organising and running meetups; hosting webinars, and planning outdoor activities.

  • Collaborating with other hackathons and tech communities to form partnerships and cross promote each others’ events

  • Researching and writing interesting articles/opinion pieces for some of the biggest transport magazines in the world

  • Promoting our events to transport professionals and potential hackathon participants

  • Creating new social media posts (including graphics) to share across our social media and online platforms to regularly promote Hack Partners’ activities & events.

  • Helping run our hackathon events during certain weekends (we run 2-3 hackathons a year)

Skills and experience desired:



  • We’ve deliberately not put creative here first. Based on our experience, most marketing and community managers are inherently creative as part of their job. What we need is someone that is both creative and analytical.

  • You need to be able to do forward and reflective analysis. What do we mean by that?

    • Be able to take a very complex problem - such as building a spreadsheet that is able to track 1,000+ people who are applying to our hackathons - break it down into a small steps and workflows so that you can eventually create it.

    • Objectively look back at what you’ve or others have done assessing what went well, what needs to be improved on, and then do it for next time.

  • Spreadsheets shouldn’t scare you. Just as Everest was George Mallory’s calling, spreadsheets should be yours (your health is important to us and we rather you summit and descend safely as opposed to getting lost forever!)

    • Half your job will be creating, using, and refining spreadsheets. We’re not gonna lie, sometimes it just isn’t that fun at all. It’s grueling, especially when a rogue function doesn’t work!

    • But it’s also incredibly rewarding seeing your initial workflow come to life making your job much easier and adding real value to the business. If you spreadsheets with 40+ tabs don’t make you shudder then, let’s chat =]


  • You’re probably thinking “wait, what? Didn’t they just say in the line above that I’d basically be a hermit?” We run hackathons. Pretty damn good ones. 95%+ of our participants say our hackathons are one of the best they’ve ever attended. We’d proud of that rating, but to get it, we really have to go above and beyond every single time.

  • Over time we would like to develop your “hackathon facilitation” capabilities where you’ll be trained to lead and inspire a group of 60+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs over a weekend. As a result, you can’t be camera shy or afraid of presenting to large audiences.

  • Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building a slack channel, launching engagement programmes, running event series and writing email newsletters)


  • We’ve put relentless here, but really what we mean is: today’s ‘good’ is tomorrow’s ‘good enough’ and the day afters ‘not bad’. We want someone that recognises that the world is changing faster than ever before is able to stay a step ahead of the game. What happened to Nokia and Motorola isn’t unique. It happens to thousands of businesses across the world. Simply doing nothing or remaining the same will cause problems later down the line.

  • To excel in this role, you’ll need to naturally be interested in the small details and enjoy making things great! We have 3.5 years worth of strong foundations of marketing and community engagement. We want someone who is able to take what we’ve built and improve on it even more giving it your own flavour.

  • When one of your ideas don’t quite work out (which is completely normal), you’ll have to brush the dust off your shoulder and try again. After all, success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.


  • One minute you’ll be writing to a CEO of multinational organisation and the next to an 18-year student hacker. Both are incredibly important to our business, but they need a different style of communication. Knowing how and when to communicate differently will be critical to your roles success.

  • Be comfortable writing press releases, case studies, website content, social media posts, FAQs, newsletters, presentations and anything else in between.

Other Attributes

  • Interested in learning more about and working in transport; generally having an open mind and interest about the industries we work in.


  • Experience in a startup, early-stage investment or technology context

  • Strong understanding of and passion for technology and early stage companies

  • Existing knowledge of the transport industry

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to fundamentally change and improve the transport industry

  • The opportunity to engage with and work alongside our young innovators, key stakeholders in the transport industry and railtech startups

  • Have a level of responsibility few organisations elsewhere can offer.

About Hack Partners

Hack Partners' goal is to drive forward innovation in the future's most critical industries. We do this by running hackathons allowing us to rapidly solve problems and carrying out industry research around innovation. Our flagship movements, known as “InfraHack” and “The HackTrain”, leading innovation across Europe influencing policy change, bringing key stakeholders together, and decreasing costs through the utilisation of data. We have worked with every major transport group in the UK and are endorsed by Department for Transport.

Salary range £33,000 — 40,000

Depending on experience