# The ideal candidate

- You care about our users and our brand

- You enjoy working and delivering independently

- You are data driven: conscious about the ROI of things you could be doing

- You are curious and take initiative to explore new things

- You are a quick learner and adaptable.

- You have a creative side and a knack for creating great promotional content.

- You have excellent verbal and written communication skills

- If you don't have any "formal" professional experience working in marketing or growth hacking, you've successfully done marketing other organisations like relevant student clubs.

# Responsibilities

- Help deepen our understanding of our users, our market and the competitive landscape

- Conduct quantitative and qualitative surveys

- Create and manage online ads

- Create promotional and user support content (blog posts, knowledge base articles, social media posts)

- Evaluate and recommend various marketing channels to guide team decision making

# You Might Work On

- Planning, prioritising &; helping design new features for Bearable

- Resolving customer service queries (we currently get a few per day)

- A new product: we're currently exploring Bearable Pro, a variant of Berable for medical researchers and clinicians to more easily interact with their patients.

- Something completely different! As an early stage company, we tend to be pretty "all hands on deck" when something comes up that we need to get done

# Benefits

- This is a fully remote, full time position. You can choose your own hours as long as your time zone is close to London's.

- Sustainable and healthy working matters to us. We care about building delightful products for our customers, not hitting arbitrary daily hour counts.

- If you're outside of the UK, this position will be permanent and full time in spirit, but a contract role on paper. The reason for this is that employment outside of the UK comes with significant challenges for a small company like ours. In that case, this means that this role doesn't include certain benefits like a retirement plan/pension.

# About us

We are a fairly early stage company with plenty of opportunity for you to make a huge impact! Currently there are two of us working on Bearable full time:

- James (who is in charge of marketing, finance, business development)

- Kamil (in charge of technology, engineering)

We're a profitable, bootstrapped company (no external investment).

Background on Bearable:

- James designed Bearable in 2018/19 to help him maintain mental clarity, and to more easily understand the effect that various daily factors and events have on his wellbeing.

- It turned out that others wanted Bearable too, as thousands of people expressed interest in early access. James partnered with Kamil to turn this concept into reality.

- Since we launched Bearable in March 2020, nearly 100,000 people have used the app, with thousands becoming premium subscribers.

- We are now well suited for growth and for making Bearable the most versatile and intelligent health tracker in the world.

# Tools we use

- Segment, Mixpanel, Google Analytics

- Our [Landing page](https://bearable.app) and [blog](https://bearable.app/blog) run on Wordpress

- Zendesk

- Figma

Salary range £15,000 — 21,000

Possibility for upto 1% equity