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Mechatronics Engineer at YC and Innovate-UK-backed

Reelables Europe, Ltd.

me mech-e mechanical engineer automation London and Durham | Full-Time

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We’re Reelables and make ultra-thin Bluetooth labels for tracking things at work. Similar to those consumer Bluetooth trackers that go on your keys, we figured out how to instead do it as a simple, stickable label that we sell to business and large enterprises. We’ve invented a method for literally printing wireless Bluetooth circuits on to the same material used for making potato crisp bags. It’s an advanced manufacturing 4.0 process, on reel-to-reel printing equipment.

We’re now in early production, but have figured out something new that’s pretty special. A process innovation to make our labels even thinner and cost nearly pennies. Ultimately, we’ve got to figure out how to make 100’s of millions of them, but need to first work out a few key process challenges. We just landed a significant UK Innovate grant, working in partnership with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) up in Darlington in the North to go make this happen.

Here’s where you come in.

We’re looking to bring onboard a mechanical or process engineer to join our existing team of EE’s and software engineers. Your initial role would be to work side-by-side with our R&D partner, CPI, between Darlington and London, to help run tests coating and laminating several electrochemical materials. It’d be hands-on, figuring out how to adapt a lab-based prototype process into a manufacturing process we can scale.

There’d be an awesome fit for a practical Mech-E with some industrial automation background interested in advanced materials science. Ideally, we’re looking in particular for someone that can make/build, design up parts and have them back in a few days, assemble machine components, work with sensors, program PLCs, control systems, and very much work independently in the lab.

Note — this role is flexible and might fit someone with varying technical backgrounds that are hands-on and not afraid to roll-up their sleeves in our manufacturing lab. As an early stage company, there’s an opportunity here to carve out your own role based on your particular expertise.

Some of the core skillsets that ring the right bells:

— Degree in core technical engineering or physics and related experience (required)

— Mechatronics and system integrations

— Automation design, pneumatics, control systems

— Hands on builder/maker, no stranger to making CNC’d parts and assemblies

— CAD design

— PLC programming

Nice to haves:

— Coating and thin film processing

— Printed electronics

— Converting (lamination, die-cutting, etc.) and rotary printing techniques (rotary screen, flexo, etc.)

We don’t expect you to be an expert on all these. Rather, looking for someone that can check a few of these boxes and be super keen to be a quick learner on some others. Ultimately, you’re an engineer at your core, love solving hard problems, and an independent figure-it-out kind of person.

What you’d be doing day to day:

— Initially, working closely with materials scientists; running tests, sourcing materials, testing lamination stack-ups

— Adapting a lab process to production, including process design, prototyping mechanical assembly methods

— Working with suppliers and vendors of component solutions; system integration

— Designing machined aluminium parts (possibly machining them yourself) or working with CNC partners

— Machine assembly, assembly, PLC programming

— Testing, iterating on design, running machine lines, tuning

Something important — this role will initially involve regional travel, between our London base and CPI up in Darlington (near Durham). For the first year, we’d need you to be OK with 20%-40% of your time spent on site in Darlington, working closely with the CPI team there. We cover the travel expenses, of course.

A bit about us:

We’re a small technical team and all wear multiple hats at the same time. Reelables is a London-based start-up with roots back in Silicon Valley. We recently closed a nice chunky seed round back in San Francisco after participating in Y-Combinator. We’re off to the races and starting to grow quickly. Some critical urgency now with several very large customers onboard and currently in trials.

Exciting stuff ahead and executing to plan. Reach out, share a CV, but more importantly, let us know what you’re looking for and how you might be able to help. We’re happy to share more by email and an initial phone call to start.


Salary range £40,000 — 75,000