Operations Manager At A Mental Health Startup


opperations London | Full-Time

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Who we are

We’re on a mission to make therapy mainstream.

For anyone going through a tricky time, the choice is between either a months-long NHS waiting list to see a counsellor or forking out upwards of £60 a session to see a private psychotherapist. Both come with the baggage of an inflexible time commitment and an archaic infrastructure. We’re determined to make a third way possible: available whenever you need it, free at the point of use, and approachable rather than intimidating.

We’re a technology company, yes, but we don’t believe unquestionably that technology is our salvation. If face-to-face counselling could be easily accessed by everyone who needed it, we wouldn’t need to exist. But technology does have a historical knack for putting previously inaccessible resources into the hands of large numbers of people at a fraction of the cost.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone could access the benefits of therapy?

We have raised funding from top tier UK investors including Passion Capital and Seedcamp and work with some amazing companies such as Monzo and Rightmove.

The Role

In order to scale therapy to millions, there are lots of interesting problems to solve: the best way to hire high-quality therapists, how to build a strong sense of community for remote workers and how to ensure that all of our users have a seamless experience on Spill.

We have already put in place some processes, but there is a lot more to build. As the first full-time operations person at Spill, you will have a big opportunity to shape how we think about scaling therapy, and make an impact from day one.


As the operations manager at Spill, you’ll be responsible for designing, building, and deploying the processes we need to manage our counsellors, our welcomers, and our users.

We’re looking for someone who is systematic, rigorous, and logical. You will need to come up with solutions that are simultaneously robust, scalable, and lightweight. You will also need to be able to switch between big-picture thinking and quick and effective execution.

You should also be excited about helping shape the direction and culture of our operations team going forward.

Who you are

You are smart, conscientious, scrappy and effective - you know how to get stuff done. However, you can also step back from day-to-day execution and think of ways to automate and scale the things that you do, through a combination of automation and process design.


You have:

- a science degree, preferably in Maths

- an ability to work under pressure

- a capacity to execute in spite of uncertainty and ambiguity

- a demonstrable ability to learn quickly and a willingness to learn

- excellent written and spoken communication

- excellent logic and ability to formulate persuasive arguments

- excellent interpersonal skills that will allow you to support a large team of people, remotely

Extra credit

A passion for therapy and self-improvement.

Salary range £26,000 — 28,000

+ stock + therapy budget