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Who we are

Wine is the UK's most popular alcoholic drink – and yet knowledge is held by the 0.5%. Perceptions of elitism and snobbery are rife. When you do decide you want to get into wine, there's just so much to take in. And when you splash out, good wine is so often hit and miss.

We are here to end that.

Wine List is on a mission to empower wine lovers with thirst and knowledge. We help you learn in a simple, incremental and non-pretentious way. And we provide you access to interesting wines you won't ever find in the supermarket to discover while you learn.

Who you are

Equal opportunities employer We are committed to providing equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, or any other basis.

We are hiring an operations & fulfilment manager at this critical time in our business.

Until now, we have used a third party fulfilment company to manage the packing and fulfilling of our physical product. But we need to bring this in-house in the new year. You will be in charge of leading this operation, as well as overseeing other aspects of business operations within Wine List.

Today, we're shipping in the low thousands, but we are scaling over the next year to be in the high thousands. You will need to manage the warehouse, team, and processes to help that scale.

What we're looking for in you

  • [ ] Experience working in fulfilment – from set up through to maintenance. This will also include getting your hands dirty and so being as comfortable in a warehouse as you are in front of an Excel sheet
  • [ ] Experience hiring and managing other people, including temp staff
  • [ ] Experience hitting targets in an operational capacity.
  • [ ] Get shit done. A large part of this is about getting shit done in ways that do and don't scale.
  • [ ] Working experience of startup operations – things change frequently and you'll be expected to work across other operational functions when time is needed.
  • [ ] Work alongside other functions – ops/fulfilment will impact and inform all parts of the business, we need you to line up well with other functions to make this as smooth as possible
  • [ ] Analytical. You'll be responsible for analysis and reporting of the ops function to the founder, and so will be expected to be an expert in spreadsheets, and process management.
  • [ ] Detail-orientated.
  • [ ] Strong understanding of finances and efficiency.

What you'll get in return

  • Competitive salary plus generous stock options – depending on experience
  • 28 days holiday per year
  • Wine perks: access to tastings, education, and winemaker days where we learn to make wine
  • Office in Peckham, South London
  • Be part of the founding team – you could be employee number three in a fast-growing wine company.

How to apply

Head to https://www.notion.so/thewinelist/Operations-Manager-f403fb6b41d249dfbded711f4b90acec

 To apply, you need to provide your CV or LinkedIn, three bulletpoints (no more than 250 words) on why you're right for the role, and one reason why you want the job.