The role in a second

This role is for an extremely intelligent and driven marketer with a genuine passion and joy for executing on paid ads campaigns across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others for clients to see them thrive!

You will work directly with me (Max) and Ben. We will build you up to be a master of all things paid advertising!

Snowball Creations has roughly 4x’d in size over 2022 thanks to us delivering great results to our clients and so naturally them growing with us and word spreading of our skills. So we are, genuinely, a very fast-growth startup!

Job specifications

Title: Paid Ads Manager

Location: Digitally nomadic (UK London/Southeast preferred). No more than 5 hours time difference though.

Time required: Full time

Salary: Heavily based on experience. Negotiable salary.


  • Private healthcare

  • Unlimited paid holiday

  • Remote work accepted

  • Fully paid team trips abroad (Iceland was our last!)

  • Free audible subscription

The story

Snowball Creations is a paid advertising agency for positive impact brands, specialising in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other niche paid channels.

We snowball our client’s revenue through sales and leads and help scale the impact these brands create. We work in environmentally-centred organisations focused on issues like eco-alternative beauty/skincare products, eco-friendly fashion or sustainability consulting. Also though we work in less direct positive impact business niches too. We love technology in general and businesses that follow the SaaS business model. We love companies that help people live a better life, whether that’s physical or mental health too.

Where do you fit in?

Your role will be to work alongside two of the founders, me (Max) and Ben, to deliver on these paid advertising campaigns specifically.

Depending on your experience, you’ll likely start in more of a support role implementing strategies that we think through together alongside the consultants we work with. Then over time, you’ll take more and more ownership. There is no cap to the role. We’re still a young business and so there will be endless opportunities to go down any path you like.

Why Snowball Creations?

We’re an extremely driven company. Every team member is madly ambitious and focused on making the company something big. I, Max the original founder, want to leave a mark on the world in a big way. Snowball Creations is my vessel to do that by helping positive impact businesses to scale (snowball) through the ad campaigns we produce.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment, I commit fully to you too. I will put total trust in you with free reign to work in the way that suits you as long as it doesn’t impact other team members. We are a tight-knit team with various regular calls throughout the week and you will ultimately shadowing the two of us, so making yourself always available is key.

You will also receive all the perks like unlimited paid holiday and working from where you like in the world (As long as fair timezone gap to London, Asia is probably a step too far). Plus private healthcare is standard for all team members after completing probation.

Free reign, but not left alone. My number one goal is to help you grow personally as fast as I can make you. If you’re someone that aspires for more and has great ambitions for life, then Snowball Creations is the home for you!

What we are looking for in you
  • Extremely ambitious and excited at the thought of building a modern innovative and global advertising agency.

  • An intelligent and analytical thinker, able to take a data-driven approach to developing our FB & Insta paid ads service.

  • Love numbers!

  • Talented with the written word and communication skills.

  • Confident in yourself and your work and with people.

  • Workaholic and proud.

  • Likeable as hell! You’re great at making people love you.

  • Empathetic to both the client and team around you.

Essential hard skills and experience required
  • Extremely high standard of written and spoken English.

  • 1 year + of experience in marketing.

  • Some understanding with marketing more broadly.

Bonus points
  • Google / Facebook / LinkedIn or other platforms paid ads experience.

  • Worked within advertising agencies before.

  • Worked within startups before.

  • Particular experience with analytics like Google Analytics or third-party tracking software for Facebook.

Read more about our company over on our site:

Interested in the position? Email me! [email protected]

We’re an international team and so naturally love diversity in all forms. We aspire to cut out bias in the hiring process as best we can to make sure we get the best candidate for the role in a fair and honest way. I’ll do my best to treat you fairly and with respect throughout the hiring process.

Salary range £26,000 — 30,000

Dependent on experience