Partner Manager Intern



You'll be a founding member of the team that handles FlexiPartner relations. We're after an all hands on deck individual who'd be willing to solves issues on the spot and deliver a level of initiative when problem solving.

As FlexiPartner Manager you will be responsible for deepening relationships, retaining and locating partnerships with thousands of taxi firms, companies and private hire firms in the UK, through open dialogue and external engagement.

You will ideally have a unique combination of grassroots experience, business acumen (operations management), analytical problem-solving skills and the ability to engage and build relationships with a wide range of people and communities.


Develop strong relationships with partners and their local communities
Conduct research by gathering data in one on one & group engagement settings, and conducting experiments with detailed analyses
Identify business challenges and devise innovative solutions to solve them
Present qualitative data-driven recommendations with clear proposed next steps
Evaluate the economic and strategic costs and benefits of driver incentive programmes and work with management to execute them
Manage budgets related to initiatives and events
Present internal stakeholders with engagement opportunities and events
CRM strategy and execution to instigate and track interactions with Partners
Partner with stakeholders and work closely with the EMEA Community


Political and grassroots organiser
Economic development consultant or similar background aiming to apply process to core business functions and having direct responsibility for the results
Community Relations Manager with an obsession for people, with experience engaging with local communities through a wide array of events.
Engagement Director or Manager that brings together a passion for networking and supporting individuals’ professional growth.


2-4 years of finance / business analytics / applied economics or related experience
Strong communication skills with a passion for doing good and engaging a wide range of stakeholders.
Sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking
Experience managing strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations is a plus
Startup (all-hands-on-deck) "I bust my ass because I love it" approach


You'll often represent the company on a ground floor level, representing the frontline of support and queries.
10% off all rides with FlexiCab
Friday Pizza and other events!

Salary range £7,000 — 8,000

Options are included