As a Product Manager, you’ll define the direction of our client’s digital products through a process of continual user research, prototyping, experimentation and optimisation. Steering a team of design and development colleagues - from our agency and from our client’s organisation - you’ll collaborate with teams to quickly arrive at impactful solutions to complex business and customers problems.

Our working philosophy seeks to marry the variety of working in an agency with the depth of working client-side. Meaning you get the best of both worlds. You get the breadth of experience working with incredible clients at the cutting edge of the world’s most exciting industries - think healthcare, femtech, fintech, retail and automotive. Whilst our squad-based model of working - that sees cross-functional product teams made of a mix of client people and agency people - keeps you be close enough to our client’s organisations to make a big impact.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Setting clear OKRs and metrics for the digital products and team under your watch, with accountability and reward for achieving them

  • Prioritising the work of your product team, accounting for the cost, impact, and risk of different opportunities and projects

  • Ensuring everyone has clarity on your digital product’s progress and plans going forward

  • Working closely with the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) to drive quantitative insights – defining metrics, running experiments, gathering insight from A/B testing, and collaborating with analysts to define and answer more complex analytical questions

  • Driving qualitative insights – talking to users regularly to understand what’s working, what’s not, and help shape our thinking about the future of our digital products.

  • Setting digital products on the most sustainable, commercially viable path to success through regular engagement with all stakeholders

  • Defining the scope of projects and ensure continual clarity on the product spec

  • Helping evolve our processes for how we approach product development and make sure we have the tools we need to maximise efficiency and impact

  • Collaborating with stakeholders from around the business on solving problems for their teams and gathering useful insight into the pod’s plans and projects

Salary range £40,000 — 50,000