About Us:

Moving into a new rental property is expensive. The security deposit can cost up to six week’s rent and often tenants have to find their next deposit before getting their last one back. This slows people down when moving and makes it harder for landlords to find tenants.

The Zero Deposit Guarantee massively reduces the upfront cost of moving, by giving tenants the option of paying 1 week’s rent instead of a security deposit, while providing landlords with the same security as a six week deposit.

This means that landlords benefit from a wider the pool of tenants and can rent their properties faster. The guarantee is insurance backed, so landlords have the same security as a traditional deposit and is already being distributed by many of the leading agents in the UK.

The Role:

The role will be wide-ranging and varied, but will focus on working with our external partners and internal support teams, to ensure they have everything they need to be successful when using our products. This is a new role for us so you’ll be able to really make it your own and shape how it impacts our company.

When an issue occurs that our support team can’t get to the bottom of, you’ll take over the investigation, make sure the solution gets implemented, keep everyone updated along the way and document how to resolve it in future.

By hearing directly from our users, you’ll get to know their problems, understand their needs and work as part of the product team to ensure we’re making the best possible product for our users.

You Will:

  • Take responsibility for resolving complex issues, by taking over from our support team on technical problems. You’ll need to investigate the problem and solve it if you can using our tools and logs, or resolve the issue by creating bugs and ensuring they’re prioritised. You’ll also need to make sure everyone is kept up to date on the progress of the resolution

  • Work collaboratively, with our Product Manager, Designer and development team to define and prioritise the solutions to any issues that occur

  • Become an expert on our products, help us to test features before they get deployed to ensure we deliver a seamless product experience

  • Be a vocal advocate for our users, Use your learnings and insights to identify patterns of problems, suggest solutions and help us prioritise and design what we build next

  • Maintain our Help Centre, so that users of our product have everything they need to be successful

  • Speak to customers directly when we need to reach out to to resolve about particularly complex issues

Why join our team?

You’ll be joining our growing product team, which is currently made up of Pete (CTO), Ivana, Alfredo, Rob (Developers), Fred (Designer) and Barry (Product Manager). You should join us because we:

  • Believe in the products we’re building. We care about building the right things for our users and building them well

  • Have a support and challenge culture. We challenge ourselves to do our best work, whilst supporting each other and providing an environment where people can grow

  • Have big ambitions and are well funded in order to deliver on these

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • An effective communicator, who can clearly articulate problems and solutions and keep everyone aligned

  • Passionate about ensuring our products are easy to use and will make sure we keep improving them

  • Able to work directly with our customers to resolve any problems they have

  • A strong writer who will ensure our help centre is kept up to date as we launch new features and products

  • Experienced with, or is willing to learn, SQL

  • Comfortable with defining this role and adapting it as our company grows

Career Development:

This role is a unique opportunity to be part of product management, development and customer success in a rapidly growing company. We believe in investing in people long term, and making sure we provide people with successful career paths. This role would be especially suited to someone with an interest in becoming a product manager, designer or developer.

Salary range £30,000 — 40,000