Product Specialist (Salesforce & Integrations)

Zero Deposit

salesforce product specialist integrations Shoreditch London | Full-Time

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Moving into a new rental property is expensive - The security deposit can cost up to five weeks rent and often tenants have to find their next deposit before getting their last one back.

We're changing that by giving tenants an alternative.

With us, tenants have the option to pay one week’s rent, instead of a security deposit, while providing landlords with the same security as a six-week deposit.

We have big ambitions and are well funded to deliver on these.

This role is key to creating a great experience for our staff and customers

This is a broad role will touch nearly all parts of the business, working closely with our operations and sales teams to understand their goals and the current processes used to achieve these. You'll collaborate with our CTO and Product Manager to prioritise improvements by leveraging technology, this could be by:

  • Automating processes

  • Providing new tools to empower our users

  • Providing training how to use tools & products we already have

We’re looking for someone who can

Evaluate and recommend technology choices

We’re a data driven company and use a wide variety of technologies. You'll need to evaluate multiple approaches and explain the pros and cons of different solutions. Your recommendations will feed into our roadmap, impacting how we evolve our products and the services we use.

Manage 3rd party services (Salesforce, G Suite, Typeform, Zapier, Sendgrid and more)

We use a combination of off the shelf and custom built software, including heavy usage of G Suite and Salesforce. As Salesforce is a highly configurable product it's important you either have:

  • Existing solid experience with Salesforce administration

  • A strong desire to learn Salesforce administration and a track record for being a fast learner

Our sales and customer services teams use Salesforce everyday. A key part of the role will be customising Salesforce to make sure it's easy to use, enabling people to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Get to the bottom of user issues

You’ll work closely with our support team when an issue occurs that they can’t get to the bottom of, you’ll take over the investigation, make sure the solution gets implemented, keep everyone updated along the way and document how to resolve it in future. Often you’ll need to work with our in-house development team to resolve these issues. So any experience working with software teams and with bug reporting is a big bonus.

What you’ll do

In your first week you will:

  • Help a customer by working with our customer services team to resolve an issue

  • Be involved in one of the weekly planning sessions with the product team

  • Help the product team test a new feature and get it live

  • Manage the onboarding of a new company, ensuring its branches and agents are correctly setup in our system

  • Optimise our Salesforce validation to further improve the quality of our data

  • Create a report or dashboard to give the sales team insight into our data they previously didn’t have

In your first month you will:

  • Contribute to shaping our product roadmap

  • Understand how Salesforce integrates with our custom platform and where different data sits

  • Identified recurring issues with the platform and delivered a solution with our product team

  • Delighted our customer services team by improving the usability of several of our product user interfaces

  • Work with an external company to help them integrate with our API

  • Understand how data drives our business and know how your role impacts our company strategy

In your first 6 months you will:

  • Work with our data analyst to choose which data visualization tools we use to provide key insights to the wider company

  • Lead the automation of processes that are currently manual by having extensive domain knowledge on how these processes work

  • Attend a company all hands event

  • Been involved in interviewing and helped successfully make a new hire


  • Competitive Salary

  • Performance-related bonus

  • Work from home

  • Flexible start and end to your day

  • 25 days annual leave and your birthday off

  • MacBooks as standard, or whatever devices you need to get the job done

  • Pension contributions

  • Life cover

  • Respect the need for work life balance, we work hard while we’re here but won’t take over your entire life.

We're committed to being an equal opportunity employer. No recruiters.

Salary range £25,000 — 45,000

Dependent on experience