Job Description

Our current tech stack is a mixture of many things, but that is because we are still in the early stages of finding the right path to allow us to be as nimble as possible in development. The stack includes:

  • PhP in the back end, but we are in the process of architecting away from this (an understanding would be helpful in the short term).
  • We have been slowly migrating some of the heavy lifting to Java, so working knowledge would be good.
  • The tech landscape lives in AWS EC2 and serverless so any knowledge of the aws console and its key features will be useful although not essential in the first instance.
  • App is built in React native and Redux.
  • Angular in the front end of the admin console.


  • Design, develop, test, deploy and maintain awesome product features.
  • Challenge the technology choices we make as a team and bring modern and current thinking to the table.
  • Manage individual priorities and estimate effort required for work.
  • Advocate of technology as a whole, staying current and automation.
  • Test and build scalability; our future lies in integrating a wide array of systems and stakeholders into one simple and user-centric UI,

Competitive compensation and equity options available based on experience.