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python django javascript aws stripe Anywhere (company works UK office hours) | Contract

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Moving into a new rental property is expensive. The security deposit can cost up to six week’s rent and often tenants have to find their next deposit before getting their last one back. This slows people down when moving and makes it harder for landlords to find tenants.

The Zero Deposit Guarantee massively reduces the upfront cost of moving, by giving tenants the option of paying 1 week’s rent instead of a security deposit, while providing landlords with the same security as a six week deposit.

This means that landlords benefit from a wider pool of tenants and can rent their properties faster. The guarantee is insurance backed, so landlords have the same security as a traditional deposit and is already being distributed by many of the leading agents in the UK.

Development at Zero Deposit

This role is fully remote, however we are a UK based company so you need to be comfortable working UK office hours. You'll join our growing product and engineering team (currently five of us) and will help us continuously improve our platform and customer experience.

You will be an excellent fit if you:

  • Want to build things which are genuinely useful to end users using modern web app technologies
  • Care about the quality of things you build bonus points if you know how to use automated testing to keep quality high!
  • Want to be part of a team who has a desire to continuously improve, you’re likely learning a new framework or language
  • Are curious about new technologies but also pragmatic about getting things done
  • Want to contribute to a strong engineering culture

Tech Stack

Below are technologies we currently use, we are open minded about new technologies:

  • Backend: Python (Django/Pyramid), Haskell, Postgres, Celery, RabbitMQ
  • Frontend: React/Redux, Yarn, Stylelint, SuiteCSS
  • zerodeposit.com: JAM stack using Contentful & Netlify
  • Infrastructure: AWS (S3, Route53, CloudFront, Lambda, RDS), Heroku (Enterprise, Connect)

Why join our team?

You’ll be joining our growing product team, which is currently made up of Pete (CTO), Iva, David, Carlos, Andy (Developers), Barry (Product Director) and Josh (Technology Associate). You should join us because we:

  • Believe in the products we’re building. We care about building the right things for our users and building them well.
  • Have a support and challenge culture. We challenge ourselves to do our best work, whilst supporting each other and providing an environment where people can grow.
  • Have big ambitions and are well funded in order to deliver on these.

This role is an opportunity to be part of a tight knit team in a rapidly growing company. We're committed to being an equal opportunities employer, no recruiters.