React Native & Redux Developer


London | Full-Time

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We’re looking for an experienced React Native developer to take ownership, design and scale our IOS and Android developments. We are a company fresh out of the ZincVC accelerator, funded and rapidly prototyping. This project is pushing the boundaries of voice interfaces, NLP and mobile UX. The stack is built using microservice architecture with independant datastores meaning we have Python, Ruby (Rails and Sinatra), Mongodb, Postgres and third party services running our backend and built in a way to make frontend consumption of each service clean and easy.

Why us:

First and foremost we are purpose driven. ZincVC set us the mission of improving the mental and emotional health of 650 million women. We spent a long time with our heads in research papers and talking to women to understand the problem. It’s at the heart of everything we do. If you really want to help a huge amount of people with your skill set, then you’re aligned with our team.

  • We are a VC backed, fully funded, concept stage startup. This gives you the security you'd find in a larger company with the speed, experimentation and fun of a concept stage startup

  • We offer a competitive startup salary + equity

  • You’ll be working on really hard problems with the support of advisors from leading academic institutions, deep tech founders and our own CTO

  • You’ll learn about machine learning techniques and computational linguistics / NLP

  • You'll be working in a small team, helping to shape the culture and make new hires

  • Our goal is to transition you into a Lead Frontend Engineer role at Leika

  • You will have the freedom to work on your own projects during work hours

  • You will have the freedom to work remotely. The amount is dependant on who you are, how you work and what you’re looking for

  • The most important thing to us is your mental, emotional and physical health. This means different things to different people. As one of our first hires, you will work with us to shape the benefits we can offer you and the culture we all work in. We want you to be as influential in this as possible!

The right developer will have:

  • A pragmatic, progressive and flexible work attitude

  • A deep understanding of React Native

  • Experience with document databases and relational databases

  • Experience building native bridges for IOS and/or Android

  • Experience with Redux

  • A solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and design patterns.

  • Experience with functional and unit testing

  • Experience with a few CI/CD services

  • An interest in UX, user research and HCI

  • Experience with the agile methodology

Stretch skills (Not necessary but nice to have):

  • Experience with NLP techniques

  • Experience with Speech to Text and/or a theoretical understanding of how they work

  • Experience working with audio in React Native and IOS and/or Android

  • Experience and/or a theoretical understanding of graph databases

About Us:

Sex is often an uncomfortable topic. One that carries with it — regardless of gender — a wealth of shame, stigma, and taboo. We’ve been on a mission to better understand how we can use emerging technologies to improve pleasure and sexual well-being. In doing so, we’ve found ourselves in an industry ripe with innovation, underserved consumers, and a growing emphasis on sexual self-care. Enter, Leika, a virtual guide and tool for sexual self-care. Leika harnesses the power of spoken conversation, empowering women to better understand and communicate what brings them sexual pleasure. We are a team of 3 who are coming from a London based Accelerator called ZincVC. We have just raised a large early stage funding round from Venture Capital and Angel investors, launched out our first Beta to test our assumptions and are now on the hunt for skilled team members to join as first, second and third hires.

Salary range £30,000 — 40,000

Dependant on experience and stock options