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copywriting copy landing pages Vancouver, Canada (Remote okay) | Contract

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Do you write landing pages that convert really well? (The short and to-the-point kind... not long-form sales letters.)

Can you communicate product benefits in crisp, concise, and compelling sentences? (So many ‘c’ words!)

I'm a copywriting consultant who’s written for 100+ tech companies (like Lyft, Udemy, Rackspace) and various other industries, and I'm looking for a copywriter who can take some work off my hands.

If your work is good (and if I like you), I’ll teach you how to build your own $150k+ copywriting business after a few years.

I don't care about your resumé… I probably won’t read it. I just want you to email me — [email protected] — and convince me to hire you, keeping it relatively short, and include a link to the best landing page you’ve written. Just one! ;)

You'll start with a few short projects per week at around 50CAD/hr — though the rate will be agreed per project, not hourly — and your workload will gradually increase depending on your capacity.

I don’t want to have to make lots of edits, so I need someone who:

  • Writes ultra-clearly, without fluff, and understands the psychology behind what they’re doing.
  • Checks their email/Slack several times per day in case there's a new project
  • Never misses deadlines
  • Can complete 2-10hr projects with sometimes just 2-3 days notice.
  • Understands marketing, sales, and conversion rate optimization.

Sometimes you'll get a detailed brief that guides the copy, and sometimes you'll get very little instruction. It'll be your job to decide how to structure the copy and which features, benefits, etc. to include/exclude for maximum impact.

Unfortunately I can’t respond to everyone but I appreciate you taking the time to apply. Cheers!