Popsa is an e-Commerce startup that uses data to automatically create personalised prints such as photobooks, calendars, posters, canvases, and postcards.

Our vision is to generate beautiful keep-sake mementos and personal photo-diaries entirely in the background – selecting the best user-generated content via machine learning algorithms before programmatically designing an appropriate layout.

We print from the best facilities in Europe and deliver direct to your door within days.

Our aim is to build a subscription service to your memories; your best photos carefully curated and lovingly presented, printed and shipped to you each month – all without lifting a finger.

You and the Role

Small screen and an SDK: The possibilities are endless!

We’re after a Google Fan-[boy | girl] who’s on top of the latest UI design and interaction techniques. You’ve probably already mastered Material Design.

We’re a mobile-first business and we are committed to getting our app experiences right. This is a role for for a brave and ambitious Android dev who can lead this project to completion.

In March last year, we launched on iOS to prove a concept. We’ve been single-platform for over a year, and now it’s time to fix that!

We’re expecting a lot from the person who fills this role. You’ll be responsible for how a whole new audience interacts with Popsa and we’d expect you to use best practices, but that responsibility comes with a highly-flexibile working environment and a mandate to design and build the best solution as you see fit – the ideal candidate will thrive here.

A Growing Team

We’re recently funded and ready to grow; you’ll be the first Android developer but we don’t expect you to work on your own for long. You’ll help us grow this part of the business and we’ll strengthen the crew together.

This team is ego-less, caring, hungry to learn, collegiate and eager to experiment. These philosophies should be shared by anyone applying for this role. If you’re up for the challenge, read on, I’d love to hear from you.

Education & Experience

Education is everything, but we recognise there are many ways to get it. You could have a BSc/MSc in Computer Science (or a related subject) but you might be a self-taught superstar. We don’t discrimnate on education, it’s the results that matter.


  • Android SDK – you know this like the back of your hand
  • Testing frameworks – we’ll be happy as long as we get good coverage
  • RESTful APIs – working with core APIs will be essential
  • Common SDKs – Facebook and Firebase should be familiar to you
  • Analytics Packages – we’re fans of MixPanel
  • Git – we’re big on branching workflows, pull requests and code reviews
  • Code deployment – like Jenkins or AWS CodeDeploy
  • Terminal – your shell choice says a lot about you
  • Using a Professional IDE like Android Studio

If you have a few years of commercial experience under your belt (freelance or employed) that’s a definite bonus. Make sure you tell us about it when you apply.


  • You’ll have dabbled with the dark side and know what your iOS counterpart is going through
  • Know your way around an SQL database
  • Be familiar with AWS Services like EC2 & AutoScaling, Lambda, CloudFront, Route53 — these are core part of the Popsa stack


  • We’re a close and hard-working team; happy to share workloads and work late at crunch time, you’ll need to be a team-player.
  • We’re sticklers for neat, maintainable, well-documented code that follows the conventions for the language or framework you’re working with. We’ll expect you to feel the same way.
  • We work in an Agile team with quick iterations, regular deployments, weekly sprints; it helps if you’ve experienced these working patterns.
  • We’re driving towards increased automation so we expect everyone to contribute to this DevOps culture with high-visibility of application performance.

You’ll receive a competitive salary, but most importantly, you will also get to own part of the business.

Popsa has an share options scheme that is open to all employees.

We’ll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

Salary range £45,000 — 55,000

Dependant on Experience