For the past nine months, Spill has played growth by ear.

We've emailed people offering free therapy. We've offered talks and workshops. We've written guides. We've made merch. That is, we've been getting by on the strength of our product, our brand, our unique style, running against the wind, and on the many generous word-of-mouth promotions from our users and customers. We've been fortunate. Spill has grown from 0 to 62 paying customers since January 2020.

And now we're ready to level up.

Spill isn't a lifestyle business. Spill is here to change the world. Our mission is to rid the world of unnecessary emotional pain. Specifically, we want 1 million people to have therapy through Spill in the next 3 years. We want people to say my therapist the way they say my hairdresser - an unremarkable comment about a normal service that everyone uses as part of everyday life.

We feel we've reached the ceiling of organic growth. We've saturated the natural sphere of influence, our current reach. Today, if we grow, it's because people knock on our door, rather than because we knock on theirs.

This is where you come in.

From now on, we want to be deliberate about growing. We want to introduce Spill to people who aren't friends of friends of people we already work with. We want to have a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't — with numbers and graphs, as well as stories. We want to bring some science to the art of growing and be more clear, methodical, intentional, and organised about making and disproving growth hypotheses. And we want specific, evidence-based plans for how to make growth scalable. Remember: 1 million people, 3 years.

The company and product

We're a London-based tech startup working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. We're funded by Passion Capital and Seedcamp: the best in the game.

We make a Slack app that companies purchase to allow their employees to access wellbeing tools and content (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book therapy or coaching sessions in just three clicks (if they need more support). It’s everything that the NHS, private health insurance and employee assistance programmes aren’t: easy to access, designed to be used by everyone, and 100% un-intimidating. We’re proud to count among our list of clients progressive employers like Typeform, Depop and Bulb.

The job and the work

This role is about developing and executing a growth strategy that will increase the reach of Spill by a few orders of magnitude. We're not looking for abstract thinking or endless research or big lofty ideas. We don't need speeches or pretty PowerPoint slides. But, we also don't need mindless execution, or sheer brute force without a vision.

What we need is inspired execution. We need someone to formulate what they are going to do, why they are going to do it — and then do it.

It means you'll set up ads and launch email campaigns, but also set the strategy for how we can do more of these things. It means you'll take sales calls and demos, but also think about how we can optimise each step of the process. It means you'll analyse the numbers on growth performance, but also painstakingly compile those numbers when they're not available. No one at Spill is beneath doing hard, bitty work.

The ideal candidate

We care about experience, traits, and attitude. We also care about diversity — we want to receive applications from as wide a range of people as possible.


You're been through it before. You've executed on a team that's done B2B growth. You were the person reporting to the person who's now known in the industry for a big B2B growth success. You've lived through it and are now ready to do it again - but this time, as a leader.

Traits and attitude

You're hard-working. You're organised. You're determined. You have integrity and an excellent work ethic. You take pride in a job well done. You're motivated. You're driven. You're passionate.

You're clever. You're logical. You're clear in your spoken and written communication. You're able to articulate your thoughts and feelings. Your experience means that you know how to tell the trivial from the important.

You're honest. You're humble and willing to change your mind, when the facts change. You're able to show vulnerability. You're ready to admit your mistakes and insecurities. You can and will ask for help. You're a good listener.

You're able to trust your team. You know how to delegate. You know how to bring people up rather than put them down. You're ready to collaborate rather than compete.

Above all, you're able and willing to set your ego aside and dedicate yourself to a mission that's bigger than all of us. You believe in therapy. And you want to give it to 1 million more people.

The pay and the benefits

The salary for this full-time role is £40 - 60k depending on your experience + stock options. You can read about how we set salaries here. We obviously have all the statutory benefits - 28 days of holiday, pension, sick leave. It should go without saying that you can take the day off or chat with your Spill therapist if you're feeling under the weather. For more on how we work at Spill and what to expect, take a look at our careers page.

Beyond that, we make no promises.

The joke goes that when startups say they have a flat structure they mean that the CEO makes every decision. That when they say you'll have lots of autonomy they mean you'll have to figure it all out by yourself. That faced-paced environment means everyone's stressed and overworked. That unlimited holiday means no holiday. And so on. This is only funny because it's often true.

This is not a job you take because you want benefits. This is a job you take because you want to prove yourself. If you're successful, you'll be "the one who took Spill to Series B". And you'll never have to hustle for a job ever again.

That said, you'll probably find at Spill some of the things you find in all startups: a friendly atmosphere, inspiring colleagues, lots of opportunities for feedback.

On top of that, we often have rogue ideas. About once a year we seem to decide to fly somewhere with better weather. Last year we finished an important project in Morocco. This summer, we moved the whole company to Lisbon for six weeks. Every few months, we go somewhere remote for a few days and make our plans for the quarter. We have no idea how Spill culture will change as we grow. But we're open to good pitches. We rarely say no to a good idea.

Salary range £40,000 — 60,000

Depending on experience