is looking for a CTO with the creativity, tenacity, and passion to help move our hotel booking website from MVP to an amazing V1.0!


We’re on a mission to challenge the idea that “One Trip = One Hotel”, so we’ve created the world’s only hotel switching platform that allows you to split your stay across two hotels at a single destination. By switching hotels once during your trip, you can save as much as 70% vs. a single hotel stay and explore more of the cities you visit. Our proprietary hotel switching algorithm creates unique hotel combinations by tapping into over 59,000 of the best hotels worldwide, offering you more options that balance Price, Quality, and Location than a traditional hotel booking website. You will always know before you travel what hotels you’ll stay in and when you need to switch, so you can lock in your savings and plan ahead from time of booking. We think we’re onto something big, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.    

The magic is powered by our proprietary hotel switching algorithm which mixes and matches prices for hotels at travellers' destinations in the best possible combinations such that they can save vs. single hotel stays. At the time of booking travellers always know when their switch will occur and what hotels they will stay in so they can lock in their savings and plan ahead.

About the role:

As CTO of a company just barely out of bootstrapping, you will be expected to get your hands dirty and essentially improve on the existing product by rolling up your sleeves and working with the co-founders to translate the product vision into reality.

We think the ideal candidate is a Mid- to Senior-Level Developer that is a coding guru wanting to experiment, break things, and then rebuild them, but hasn't been given that opportunity in more traditional environments where he/she has been given a small piece of a larger pie to work on. At, you'll be working on the whole thing and the responsibility will be all yours! We won't know the answers, so you'll have to come up with them. In essence, you'll be expected to punch above your weight, and the challenge should appeal to you.

Expected soft and hard skill set includes:

* Python on Django

* Python on Pandas

* Solid Back-end Dev (comfortable with Front-end as well, but clear strength in Back-end)

* Experience integrating with 3rd party APIs

* Comfortable translating Tech language into layman's terms and vice versa

* Ability to lead a small team (it is just you at the moment but eventually you will have a team)

* Passion for creating things from scratch

* Demonstrated ability to break complex problems down into simple solutions

Nice to haves:

* Machine Learning on Python or other language

* Travel sector experience

* B2C experience

Qualities we value:

* Humility

* Integrity - do what you say, and say what you do

* Curiosity - ask questions... it's free!

* Passion - it doesn't matter in what, just be passionate about something!

* Camaraderie - enjoy working with others towards a common goal

Equity is available for the right candidate.

Salary range £30,000 — 40,000

Equity also available