About this role

PUBLIC is working on modernising a health tech product which is already in production in the NHS. This role will be one of a core team of engineers working closely with the CTO to bring the back end of the tech stack up to standard, laying the foundations for us to build a best-in-class solution over the next 12-18 months.

What we're looking for

We’re not looking for a fixed number of years experience, or educational background. Importantly, we’re not looking for rockstar coders. We are team players, we are teachers and we are kind. Rockstar coders generate knowledge silos and bottlenecks. We make sure every voice is heard and aren’t swayed by the loudest voice in the room. We are friendly and open minded, and we’re looking for people who will thrive in our community. We’ll be taking into account the following skills and experience:

  • Back-end development fundamentals (any modern high level language)
  • Functional programming
  • Knowledge sharing ability (mentoring, talks, etc)
  • Automated testing at various levels (unit, functional, integration etc.)
  • Navigating legacy systems without
  • Cloud-based systems (serverless / container-based)
  • Working to be compliant in a regulated environment (e.g. health, finance)

Public is an equal opportunity employer - we actively encourage applications from underrepresented groups in tech. We don’t want to work in a company full of people who look like us, sound like us and think like us. We are looking for a diverse mix of people to enhance our community.

What you'll do

You’ll be building the future of healthcare. The software we’re developing sits at the heart of the NHS infrastructure and UK healthcare data. As we improve its foundations and turn it into the best-in-class solution in the market, it will genuinely save lives. We envisage a solution that can support the NHS in making data-driven decisions, support front-line healthcare workers in making safer, more informed, decisions, and empower patients to better engage with their own care.

We are looking to build a team of experienced, collaborative, engineers who will work together to deliver this vision. We’ll be adding features on the legacy code as well as building out the new product and infrastructure in functional C#/F# on modern AWS-based infrastructure.

This will be almost entirely a hands-on development role, but with some aspects of designing architecture, helping lead work-streams, and training up more junior engineers.

Like the rest of the company, you’ll have

  • The possibility of project completion bonuses as milestones are hit
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Mental health days and a generally understanding employer
  • Dedicated budget for personal development and wellness
  • Initially fully-remote due to covid 19. Long term, part-remote and flexible working are possible
  • A highly-specced work machine


PUBLIC has long been a pioneer in the GovTech space, running an accelerator programme in 4 countries, convening an annual summit, and writing cutting-edge research. Led by ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit, Daniel Korski, and venture investor, Alexander de Carvalho, PUBLIC’s team has operational experience in government, startups, technology and finance.

When PUBLIC sees a problem in the public sector which is not being solved by existing offerings, the PUBLIC venture build team steps in to build out solutions. Previous projects have tackled problems in social finance, next-generation border control, and offender management

Salary range £65,000 — 85,000