Senior Data Scientist


London / Spitalfields | Full-Time

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About the company

Fresh4cast is a startup founded in 2013 to solve challenging forecasting problems in the fresh fruit & veg sector. We are a small team with a small but loyal customer base, and business is growing nicely. We are expanding now following a successful investment round in order to reach more customers and accelerate development. We are a diverse group of people from around the World, and we enjoy eating out together for lunch at least once a week.

Our main product is a web platform which takes in raw data from various public data sources as well as our customers, combines it, generates forecasts, and displays it through a web app. Our stack is Django on AWS (EC2/S3/RDS), with heavy Pandas use. We have a custom d3-based frontend for displaying charts, and heavy integration with email (via AWS SES) so that customers can both send and receive data in response to email requests. We also provide on-premise hardware to some customers. We build all our own software from open-source tools, relying on external service providers as little as possible.

Our forecast development process begins with an offline stage in Jupyter, followed by productized classes for data cleaning, feature generation, learning and inference. Our solutions use a blend of statistical models that reflect domain knowledge, linear models and neural networks. The pipelines integrate customer data with external data which we provide.

About You

You are a hands-on data scientist who loves to solve complex challenges. You are fluent in English, Python and Maths, and are able to translate real-life processes into equations and models. Your confidence comes from real-life experience, and you stay up to date with the latest technologies and concepts. You are able to build robust solutions as well as provide coaching to colleagues with less experience. As an early hire in a fast-growing startup, you want to advance your career and become a key player at the core of a company that can transform an important sector.

Role and Responsibilities

You will work directly with the CEO on developing forecasting tools. Responsibilities include:

  • Data cleaning, exploration and analysis

  • Designing and building learning models and production-ready forecasting applications

  • Making creative use of the toolkits available to deliver usable results to our customers

  • Working alongside the CTO and the software development team to build robust and efficient data pipelines

  • Communicating with the Customer Development team to gather insights about the underlying business processes

  • Coordinate work, provide training and support to a growing Data Science team


  • 3+ years’ experience with data science tools in a production environment

  • 1+ years’ experience with python, NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow

  • Comfortable with visualization tools like matplotlib / seaborn

  • Comfortable with git

Nice to Have

  • A degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning or Statistics

  • Experience with Django

  • Experience with MySQL

  • Experience with TensorFlow Probability

  • An understanding of cloud architecture, and specifically AWS services

How to Apply

Please brief introduction and a CV and to [email protected] (no need for a formal cover letter). Links to any relevant profiles, e.g. GitHub / Stack Overflow / Kaggle would be appreciated, as would links to any of your work you have online, e.g. a personal website.

Salary £48,000

Plus share options