Streamr is building the open-source infrastructure that will power the world’s data economy. We believe that creating a decentralised Network and the world’s leading Marketplace to trade the world’s information will benefit everyone. People will regain control of the data they produce. Companies will be able to better build and market their products in the Internet of Things (IoT). And society as a whole will be better off when the value in the data is not concentrated in the hands of a few giant companies.

We can not realise our vision without building brand awareness and a vibrant community of users and enthusiasts. This is why we are looking for a digital marketer to join Streamr’s communications team. As a marketing executive you will be integral to ensuring Streamr’s visibility to a diverse set of audiences including B2B and technologists.

You must have:

  • Track record of generating interest in software/technical products

  • Experience in capturing multiple audiences

  • Complete familiarity with Google and Twitter analytics

  • Complete familiarity with a suite of marketing tools such as Hubspot and MailChimp

  • A good understanding of SEO

  • Experience with brokering event and media sponsorships

  • Excellent writing skills in English

  • Familiarity with digital advertising landscape including Twitter

  • Familiarity with creating and executing content strategy


  • Understanding of blockchain and crypto

  • Understanding of Merchandising

Salary is paid every months in fiat. Bonuses can be awarded in our cryptographic token $DATA. Negotiable full time figure of £50k per annum.

The deadline for the role is 14 September 2018 

Respondents should reply to [email protected] with the job title in the heading of the email

More about Streamr - https://www.streamr.com

Salary range £47,000 — 52,000

Dependent on experience