We are looking for a go-getter, someone that will help grow our amazing community of hosts sharing their experiences on Funzing.com .

Funzing is a social marketplace for leisure time experiences based on people's skills and hobbies, anyone can host an event based on what he loves to do and sell tickets through the platform.

We are looking for an assertive, creative and super hands on individual able to trace creative people around town and come with the most unique ideas for events and experiences.

We are looking for a senior content driven individual able to produce the coolest events around town.

Please send your CV's to [email protected]

Who are we looking for?

- Full time applicant, Experience with Event Creation

- 4 years minimum experience in event production

- Super Creative - Full of ideas for new & fresh events around London

- Has editorial/content experience

- Patient, Great with people and service providing

- Has Worked for a tech Company Before

- Admin/back office experience

Role includes:

* Creating new concepts for the Funzing.com websites that will attract large amounts of attendees
* Hitting high targets and numbers on a weekly/monthly level

* Great with people, cold calling and hands on approach

* Physically attending events and assisting in marketing

Salary depends on experience.

Salary range £25,000 — 40,000