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MedicSpot is a Med-tech startup delivering comprehensive GP consultations via a unique network of telemedicine clinics located in pharmacies throughout the country. We've grown to over 150 clinics in a year. Our patients love us with numbers growing 20% month-on-month and a net promoter score of over 70. The industry also recognises our excellence and we were awarded the highest marks of any Health tech company in our CQC (industry body) report.

It works like this; Patient's book or walk into one of our clinics and sit at a telemedicine station. A doctor joins via video chat and can use the connected medical devices allowing a doctor to provide a thorough, safe, clinical examination. This means we treat more conditions than any other service. Any required medication is immediately available at the local pharmacy (most MedicSpot clinics are within pharmacies).

medicSpot = [...team, you];

Everyone in the team is friendly, supportive and ambitious. We're good at what we do and we have a strong culture of trust and respect. We're looking for an engineer who has the aptitude to learn and apply themselves to build amazing products. We'd much prefer a friendly, smart and efficient candidate with the capability to reflect on people, processes and systems than an redbull fueled burnout alpha ninja.

import x from 'you';

MedicSpot is built with developer friendliness and productivity in mind. So expect docker-compose up to get everything up and running. We like products to be beautiful inside and out. We create clean, consistent react and node architectures for webapps and API services.

We can support your journey learning SOA, JS, testing, docker, HTML5, UX and accessibility and are keen to learn from your experiences too.

The MedicSpot system is made up of many individual products which work together to power the service our patients love. We're looking for a JS developer to assist in the development of a variety of services making them the very best they can be. We're a growth company and there are many career growth opportunities as our team and product evolves.

Hopefully you like:

Chipping in with different disciplines and helping the wider team

Well defined and simple module/app concerns and interfaces

JS (node 10+, ES6+)

React (or at least the declarative pattern it embodies)

Flat service oriented architectures (REST, JWT)


Sensible testing


We're learning all the time so hope you will share tools and practices to make this even better!

@returns {Promise} fun, challenge, cash and perks

You are a super important hire and we'll bend over backwards to make you comfortable (as we do for everyone in our team). I hope the team, vision and product will be enough to convince you of the opportunity but please tell us what makes you tick and we'll do our best to accommodate.

For the starter package we're thinking:

Flexible working hours/locations


28 days + bank holidays

Equipment & training budget

I've been in startups where everyone's been so absorbed by the challenge of the work that good people who have learned new valuable skills have been neglected. We'll regularly review the package to ensure great team players are well rewarded.

So please apply if you think you'll be a good fit and we'll go for a coffee/lunch and figure out the next steps.

All the best in whatever path you choose and hope to meet you soon!


Salary range £40,000 — 50,000

Depending on experience