Blend Media is a platform leading the market in 360° video/VR curation, creation activation, and is looking to hire a range of roles based out of Blend’s London offices.

This is a great opportunity to join an innovative, fast-growing start-up which offers a disruptive model for native advertising through its Content/Creator Network, 360° digital marketing tools and in-house content marketing expertise.


Our teams are cross-functional, self-organising and highly autonomous. You'll be working directly with the founders and other stakeholders in a highly collaborative manner. We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer who is capable of solving architectural problems using Elixir and Phoenix, and who is also able to work closely with other members of the Engineering team in order to deliver great features for our growing product offering.


  • Working closely with the founders and the product team to build engaging and fun features for our website, content creator web tools and VR creation tools for brands and publishers.
  • Work with the CTO and other engineers to establish and execute on high level architectural plans for the systems.
  • Lead the server-side aspect of our technology stacks and mentor other engineers in the best practices and patterns applied to server-side engineering.
  • Adopt workflows and technologies that allow for frequent delivery of requirements with a high degree of reliability and speed of delivery.
  • Ensuring code is well-structured and tested.
  • Use a data-driven approach to feature development including multivariate testing and adaptation.
  • Research and use technologies and tools that allow us to add unique and innovative features to our 360˚ and VR content creation products.


  • Computer Science degree or similar.
  • 5+ years of commercial server-side development.
  • Use of automated testing, e.g. TDD and BDD.
  • Experience using Elixir and the Erlang VM, or a similar functional language.
  • Knowledge of API design (REST/RPC etc), and experience with using them client-side applications.
  • Technical Architecture and design of web service based systems.
  • Experience using relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • Experience using AWS to deploy and scale a system.


  • Experience with basic frontend technologies such as HTML and CSS, with some grounding in Javascript/ES6.
  • Working on internationalised (translatable) websites.
  • Knowledge of video and audio, encoding, and streaming.
  • Experience with 3D technologies such as OpenGL, WebGL, three.js, a-frame.
  • Experience with computer vision, NLP or Machine Learning.