Growth hacker position for The Nature Boys

Company name:

The Nature Boys

Tag line:

“Social and environmentally conscious organic audience builders”

Job Specifications

Title: Growth hacker

Location: Digitally nomadic (UK South East Preference)

Salary: £15,500 rising to £17,500 upon passing 3 month probation. (Quick progression as tiny startup)


  • Monthly cash bonus pot of £50 - £250,

  • Audible and Meditation subscriptions included,

  • Working for a company that’s environmentally and socially conscious,

  • All sorts of random free extras like festival tickets thanks to our super mixed client base!

Mission for Role

To work alongside our head growth hacker, Chris, to manage the growth of our 200+ Instagram accounts in order to maximise growth and develop our own networks further - all through our own automation software. Also to help develop new opportunities like Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin automation.

We’re looking for someone who is interested in automation, systems and social media. Our business spreads good positive messages further using growth hacking techniques on Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

You’ll be working with various forms of automation software that automates the natural actions of social networks in order to reach 10X more people. This is all in order for our clients to then be able to convert that attention in to whatever they’re trying to sell.

This position is heavily weighted towards Instagram growth but does not involve regular client content creation. We aren’t a content media agency. While we do for a few clients, we generally deliver our results through smart automation that drives huge audiences that the client then delivers the content to so that it then converts in to sales.

You’ll be joining a team of me (Max the founder), Kieran Gregory (head of sales) and working directly under Chris Hunt (head growth hacker)

The business has been growing extremely fast from 0 clients to over 200 within just over a year. This rate of growth is increasing each month and so we’re in need of someone to support the delivery of our service alongside Chris.

We’re a young but fast growing business and do things in a unique way. There’s no office, the first hour of your working day is a session of Audible listening to a book to develop your knowledge base and meditation to develop your capacity for mindfulness. While we have a huge mixture of clients from bars in london, to furniture designers or fitness influencers, we do have the largest niche focused on travel and the natural world. This is due to the teams personal interest in these areas. If you enjoy a bit of deer hunting on the weekends or think meditation is for pussies... then this position isn’t for you.

Overall you will grow faster as a person in all dimensions with The Nature Boys in comparison to 99% of any other jobs you’ve looked at today! And that’s a promise!!

Growth is our number one focus for both the company and the people within it.


  • Onboarding new clients with tailor made approaches for each account.

  • Optimising the setup for existing clients to improve on results over time.

  • Developing our own network of Instagram ‘interest accounts’ that we fully automate and use to help grow our clients and for other advertising and promotion.

  • Administrative tasks around tracking and recording client growth and information.

  • Developing new opportunities to expand the business in to whole new spaces!

Role based competencies

  • Organised - Setting up a client effectively and developing our network takes precise, carefully delivered work. Be able to manage your own time effectively, meeting weekly deadlines and meetings, whilst still organising your own workload.

  • Efficient and hard work ethic - Even in quieter periods of new clients coming on board, we are always busy looking to expand in other ways. So efficient, smart, hard work is needed.

  • Positivity. Maintain a positive mind-set, and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

  • Creativity. Display originality and initiative in coming up with your own ways to improve and develop our systems.

Essential hard skills and experience required

  • A basic understanding of Social media and Instagram in particular.

  • Experience of using Microsoft Excel, Word and Google Sheets.

  • High standard of written and spoken English.

  • Cultural understanding of the UK marketplace.

Bonus points

  • Experience with growth hacking.

  • Experience of using Slack.

  • Coding skills.

  • Particularly good with computers.

  • Worked with startups before.

  • Experience of Instagram marketing.

  • Experience with content creation.

More about our company

Why are we called The Nature Boys?

The nature boys are essentially the founding fathers of the hippy movement. While we have a whole range of clients we work with, we’ve ended up with a particular focus on building audiences of people that fit nicely within that subculture - updated to our modern world. We like spreading positive messages from businesses, brands and people doing good things in the world! The more we do our job of spreading these positive messages the better the world ends up!

What do we do?

We build audiences of followers/customers on various social networks (Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest) that create real return on investment for clients from multiple niches like travel/natural world/london/healthy living/veganism/dining & drinking/freelance designers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, bloggers/food brands/music!!!

How do we do it?

By using automation systems that tailor to each client to take advantage of natural mechanisms within each social network to drive 10X more attention to the profile and then converting that attention in to long term positive return on investment through coaching and support - all at a price that puts a smile on your face!!!!

Why do we do it?

“To improve the world we live in by spreading the positive value from good brands, businesses and people further!”

Our team…
  • Positivity mindset.

  • Ambitious as hell.

  • Motivated every day.

  • Enthusiastic about our work.

  • Driven to deliver.

  • Growth mindset.

The value we deliver…
  • Organic and engaging audiences.

  • Always looking to deliver added value.

  • Efficient service and delivery.

  • Return on investment focused.

  • Responsive support.

  • Results focused.

Our moral compass…
  • Passion for the natural world and travel to it

  • Environmentally conscious.

  • Socially conscious.

  • Progressive.

  • Open minded to the fullest.

  • Sincerely supportive and caring.

  • Respectful to all.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn

Is just to love and be loved in return"

Nat King Cole, Nature Boys

Interested in the position?

Email [email protected]

Salary range £15,500 — 17,500

starting at £15,500 raising to £17,500 after probation and quick increases after