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London | Full-Time

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Applied is on a mission. We've built a platform that helps teams manage their hiring process with more precision and with less bias. Everything is measured, down to individual interview questions, so teams can understand what works and that allows them to constantly measure and improve.

We've proved that it's a better way to hire, for all involved.

Now we're scaling up and are looking for senior and mid-level developers who are user-driven, creative, and want to leave the world just a little better than they found it.

The job

We're looking for folks who are:

  • passionate about making high quality digital products that add real value to people's lives

  • able to collaborate effectively and with empathy

  • able to write readable Javascript and use modern dev tools (we use Node.js, Express, and Vue.js but we try to assess potential rather than making hard tech requirements)

  • comfortable with database design (our primary DB is Postgres, but we use other things for specific purposes)

  • able to foresee quality and scaling problems

  • comfortable working in an early-stage environment, and the uncertainty and change that brings

In your first few months you'll:

  • learn about our Scrum process and get involved in all aspects from day one

  • meet our customers. We build features and products for real people and so we love going to chat to them, it's the best way to understand what they want

  • plan, refine and develop key new features in our platform as an integral part of the team

  • shape our platform. We're looking at splitting out our frontend, starting to build microservices and using serverless more where we can

You'll benefit from:

  • equity in the business

  • open and fair pay (yep we put all payslips in the shared drive)

  • employee benefits package

  • being involved in other aspects of the business, from strategy, management and training, to shaping team culture

What are the next steps?

You don't need a CV, just your brain

To get started, pop your email in our application form.

Instead of submitting a CV, you’ll answer some questions that are related to your day-to-day job. After the job closes, your answers will go through our sift process: all answers will be anonymised, randomised and then reviewed each answer by a panel of reviewers.

If you are shortlisted, we’ll invite you to interview, which will also be managed through our platform. Also, we love giving feedback, so you'll be able to see how well you performed at each stage of the application process.

Expected duration of this application process: 3-6 weeks

Salary range £50,000 — 70,000

Dependent on Mid-Senior level