Well-funded start-up seeks an extremely talented software engineer to help pioneer a new type of consumer social ecosystem. As the first employee, you must have experience building extensive server-side, and you should be able to do so faster than most competent people think reasonable. You should have a BS, MS in Computer Science, or the equivalent. Top-notch communication skills are essential. You are likely a polymath, critically an engineer but with ideas that go beyond your core competency. That could be in design, marketing, or beyond. Experience with React Native, Rails and AWS is helpful (as that is our current stack) but an ability to get product out the door (eg. DevOps) is vital.

We are looking for people who are crazy enough to work on social products and have real excitement around building new benchmarks for privacy within social - both infosec (localisation) and encryption. Beyond the product, the role here at CT is ideal for you if you are a hungry individual looking to level up both your impact in the world as well as to take responsibility beyond your experience, working in fast-paced, two-week cycles to consistently ship great products.

Short term. Day-to-day, you will be...

- Contributing significantly to product strategy and the design of new features from fast-paced user feedback cycles.

- Conceptualizing and developing the technical spec of new features, both front-facing and server-side. Then building quick and easy MVPs that test core assumptions.

- Owning DevOps. Testing, staging and production.

Long term. Day-to-day, you will be...

- Leading on product, making strategic decisions around stack and architecture as well as developing proprietary technology.

- Building a team. Leading future developers into the company and championing the culture that you have helped create.

- Owning a technical branch of the company and making autonomous decisions on how said branch operates.

Expect a motivated, intense, and interesting co-worker with an extensive background in design and engineering. If there is mutual interest in working together we will have a conservation about working remotely vs in person. However, please only reply if you have both options of work available to you. This means you must have clearance to work in person either in Europe or the UK (preferably London).

Your compensation will include meaningful equity ownership.

At this stage we don't really value formality so instead of a cover letter, we'd love you to tell us about the most impressive thing you have ever built (along with a GitHub link if possible). Approach it as a conversation!

Salary range £50,000 — 85,000