CrowdJustice is changing the way people access the legal system. We are a well-funded, tech-for-good startup based in London that gives people a platform to make the law available to everyone. We’re using technology to solve a huge social problem and building a big business at the same time.

Since our launch in 2015 we’ve helped important cases raise millions in funding to take on the government, go to the Supreme Court and change the law, and we’ve helped hundreds of ordinary people get financial support to get justice. Plus we’ve been featured in the Guardian, FT, BBC, TechCrunch, NYT and more.

We're looking for a full stack engineer with strong front end experience to join our team in central London.


You'll be working on new features across the stack, writing high quality code for our internal systems and external-facing web application. Some current opportunities that you could be working on:

  • Building new tools to help Lawyers work more efficiently. Increasing access to justice means getting lawyers more clients so those clients get the help they need.

  • Empowering our users to make sure every CrowdJustice case is successful – work that has real purpose. We know what makes for a successful crowdfund and we’ve got years of data, which has given us ideas for lots of exciting, intelligent tools to build.

  • Radically changing the way legal cases are funded. There’s a lot of space for disruption here, and we need to experiment with anti-fraud, AML and security at the forefront of everything we do.

We are currently a three person engineering team, working in close co-operation with our product manager and designer. We have a lean day-to-day process, with few meetings and a focus on working demos rather than huge upfront plans. You’ll be trusted to organise your own work, bringing together the right people to help you build the best product. Things move and change quickly and we need to be agile, so expect some work to be rigorously tested and some experiments...not to be. Mistakes are fine, especially if there's a good story to go with them!

The CrowdJustice platform backend is written in Python (Django) and we use Postgres. The frontend is in plain Javascript, HTML, SASS and Bootstrap. You don't need experience in all of these – we’ve had great success training .NET/Ruby/C++ devs in Python and JS.

We host on Heroku and use many other services where we can save development time, like Cloudflare, Papertrail, imgix and Sentry. You'll experiment with new technologies and services as we grow and we're keen to hear your ideas on where we can improve. As a small team, all our engineers get involved in every part of the system.

You don’t need any particular educational qualifications, we’re more interested in your skills and experience than where you got them.

Interview Process

Tech interviews are often stressful so we've designed our interview process to be fair, friendly and responsive. There are no surprise technical questions, and you'll always be prepared for the next stage.

  1. 20-30 minute non-technical phone/hangouts chat about the role

  2. 1.5 hour on-site interview where we'll discuss some of the recent work at CrowdJustice, pair program some tasks and talk about your future

  3. If successful, a fair offer and the chance to join a well funded startup early on its mission to increase access to justice!

We welcome feedback. Let us know if you have any comments on the process in your application.​


  • Good salary and share options. We all share in CrowdJustice's success

  • Opportunity to join a well-funded startup early on its mission to increase access to justice and to do well by doing good

  • High impact in your role. You’ll be able to develop and grow professionally as well as have a big impact in the business

  • Learning a lot along the way. We encourage everyone to attend courses, talks and conferences and have regular 121s

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We'll be especially happy to see applications from underrepresented groups.

Salary range £40,000 — 70,000

Dependent on experience