Holiday Extras are looking for experienced software engineers to come and use cutting edge technology to helps us revolutionise how customers (7 million and growing) travel better.

We’re in the process of moving to an API first micro services architecture and your skills and experience will be key in helping us achieve that, alongside helping us continue to deliver features that delight our customers and partners. We’ve got a lot of great work to do and believe in using tried and tested tools that enable us to push the boundaries of what is possible, fast. You can expect to be working daily building APIs with Javascript and Node.js®, using continuous delivery tooling and, if you’re feeling ambitious jumping into our front end and working with React.js and Redux.js. We build many of our tools in-house but also love open source so as well as taking much from the community you’ll find a lot of our codebase openly available onGitHub.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer exciting challenges, whilst also providing a flexible, fulfilling environment in which to work, in the heart of the Kent countryside, 5 minutes from the beach. Our Learning Academy, quiet Lounge, supportive environment and focus on personal development, help our team members grow and become experts in their field! We have fortnightly “Project Lounge” days where you have the chance to work on anything extending your knowledge in different business areas or simply collaborate in a project to make a difference to the business.

You will be joining at an exciting period of exceptional projected growth; Our people move fast and deliver excellence at pace, never accepting second best. We may have been in business 33 years, but Holiday Extras is an innovative and entrepreneurial travel-tech business with a startup mentality.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You’re a “been there and done it” software engineer looking to make an positive impact on millions of people.
  • Experience of shipping software using technologies such as Javascript/Node.js®. Ideally, you also have experience in other languages which shows you curiosity to experiment and learn.
  • You have previously designed API’s and shipped HTTP and Pub/Sub Services.
  • A desire to understand the business and where it’s heading.
  • A track record of being solutions focussed and an excellent problem solver, not afraid to make decisions and act quickly.
  • Always determined to acquire new skills and learn.
  • You understand the value of open source as demonstrated in your Github profile.
  • Demonstrable interest and experience in microservices architecture and highly scalable distributed web platforms.
  • A pragmatic approach to software delivery, understanding the pros (and cons) of shipping early and often.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • You will have autonomy and responsibility to solve the interesting problems we face daily.
  • You will be learning and working with cutting-edge tech and solutions.
  • You will develop your career in a strong team with a well-defined culture, that is building a fast-moving, disruptive business.
  • You will be working to Scrum in a continuous delivery environment with dedicated Scrum Masters and Testers.
  • You will lead and assist in solving challenges and delivering innovative new experiences with internal and external partners.
  • You’re going to have a lot of fun!

Interested? If so, click on this link and show us what you can do – hopefully our API assessment is right up your street. There is no time limit but once you’ve had a crack and you’re happy with it, upload your code to your Github/Bitbucket repository and send us the links to [email protected]

If you’ve got a few minutes check out our blog and see what our developers have to say.