At LoyaltyLion our goal is to provide the best loyalty programs for merchants and the best experience for shoppers. We're already used by thousands of stores and millions of shoppers worldwide.

LoyaltyLion augments and improves every store's existing brand, and that's why merchants love us. As convenient as Amazon and co are, we don't want a world where they're the only option - there are thousands of fun, niche and quirky stores out there who can't compete on price and that's why we started LoyaltyLion.

We use modern Ruby, JavaScript and TypeScript across our whole stack, from our API and rules engine to our React/Redux front-end.


We’re looking for experienced software developers to work on interesting problems and shape the future of LoyaltyLion. You’ll be working across our entire platform, from our merchant-facing web apps to our sleek and third-party widgets.

This is a role you can define yourself once you're here - you can focus on the frontend and perfect our shopper-facing UX, or you can dig into our backend stack to work on our event processing and keep response times down. And if full-stack is your thing, there's plenty of DevOps to be done too.

We're a small, agile team with a strong focus on the product - everything we build has a purpose and provides value. When it comes to development, clean and safe is our number one priority. All our services are backed by strong test suites, and we strive to make our deployment process as deterministic as possible (we use Docker, ECS and Terraform).

Salary and benefits

We're hiring at various skill levels with competitive salaries to match. Juniors are also welcome to apply -- we love mentoring!

  • mid: £50k-60k
  • senior: £70k+

Aside from the salary, we offer 32 days of annual leave, a relaxed working environment, lots of autonomy and a private office with plenty of perks (coffee, fruit, VR, Rocket League and Mario Kart)

What you'll be doing

Depending on the role you carve out for yourself, it could be any of the following - or something else entirely.

  • Designing and implementing robust and scalable APIs (the kind you want to use!)
  • Building beautiful and functional interfaces for merchants and shoppers
  • Weathering massive traffic spikes (Cyber Monday sends its regards)
  • Using isomorphic rendering to generate SEO-friendly third party widgets
  • Figuring out how to integrate with dozens of difference platforms in the most elegant way possible
  • Proving our value (tricky when there are hundreds of other marketing variables) using lots of ecommerce and loyalty data

Salary range £50,000 — 70,000