We're hiring for a range of technical positions:

  • Software Engineer - Full Stack
  • Mid/Sr. Software Engineer - Backend
  • UI/UX Designer

Check out our careers website, join.stotles.com to see the detailed job descriptions and apply!

About Stotles

We're building a world where business and government work better, together.

Business and government are the two biggest institutions on the face of our little planet. Governments are becoming more transparent. That’s great! But just because they’re making their data available, doesn’t necessarily mean it's accessible. This clutter and confusion has created a world where governments are beholden to burdensome process, businesses are paralysed by rampant uncertainty, and the best people for the job are often crowded out by those who know the process best.

This problem has created massive inefficiencies and inequalities in a $9 trillion system, which keeps the world from reaching it's full potential. It ultimately affects every single person and taxpayer on this planet. But, it doesn't need to be this way!

Aristotle said it best: "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts." Our team is no different. Everyone is here for a reason. And so are you.

When you join Stotles...

  • Who: You'll be empowered to build, learn, and laugh with like-minded people from all over the globe. Ecuador, Canada, U.S. and Poland to name a few.
  • What: You'll be solving an ambitious problem, pursuing a challenging mission. Building a world where business and government work better, together.
  • Where: You'll be welcomed by a small team in London
    • Right now, we don't offer remote positions, but we offer a flexible work-from-home policy with a dedicated budget to make sure you have a home setup for the ages!
    • Why? We think the interactions we have in person are really important to building a strong, cohesive team. That said, if you want to take some days to work from home, or while on the road, we're cool with that!
  • How: You'll be guided by values that hold us accountable for the greater good. Be ambitious. Build trust. Drive impact.

APPLY AT join.stotles.com

Salary range £40,000 — 70,000

Dependent on role / experience