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Founders Factory is a new model in tech business creation that is backed by blue chip corporate partners. We will build and scale 200 early stage technology companies across multiple sectors in the next five years.

The Founders Factory product development team is the core of our tech startup incubator and comprises engineers, designers & product managers working together to build innovative products and create viable businesses. The wider Factory team that supports this effort includes some of London’s most talented founders, marketers, & entrepreneurs.

To work in the product development team you must have

Skills across a variety of technical platforms

Unlike a conventional startup where there is usually one product, our incubation projects take around 6 months and many run in parallel. We don’t know upfront what we’ll be working on, so a mix of technologies will need to be brought to bear.

The ideal candidate will

  • Have experience with a few different programming languages and frameworks
  • Be eager to play with new technologies and a good enough developer to do that quickly
  • Confident over the full stack of web and/or mobile development.

A product focus

We are not the type of organisation that has fully-specified product definitions and just need engineers to put their head down & churn out code. As with any early-stage startup, we are product focused, looking to get quick feedback from potential customers with short development iterations.

The ideal candidate will

  • Be engaged in the product development process
  • Enthusiastic about working closely with product managers & designers to help define the product
  • Not be worried about architecting the perfect solution and comfortable quickly prototyping solutions that move product development forward.

Experience & interest in the startup process

Founders Factory builds businesses. The focus of our incubator is on the very early stages of a startup, where many aspects of the business model (from customers & their problems to product solutions) are as yet unclear. Engineering is at the core of this process for a tech startup, so it’s vital we have technical leadership that can help steer from idea to viable business.

The ideal candidate will

  • Have worked in one or more early-stage startups
  • Interested in the idea of becoming a founding member of a startup.


  • 5 or more years experience as a software engineer.
  • Skilled in a variety of programming languages, e.g. Javascript, Python, Java, Swift, Go, C.
  • Knowledgeable of a range of modern web or mobile frameworks, e.g. Angular, React, Rails, Django, iOS, Android.

Salary range £40,000 — 50,000