Senior Software Developer / Team Lead

PetaGene Ltd

c c++ python gpgpu c c++ python gpgpu Cambridge, UK

Do you want to have a big impact in making Personalised Medicine widely available?

PetaGene's award-winning software is at the leading edge in the rapidly growing market for optimising genomic data, helping to make personalised, precision medicine affordable for everyone. We take bulky, noisy genomic data and make it smaller, faster and better for applications spanning genetic disease and cancer diagnostics to pharmaceutical research.

This isn't a web or app company. We solve really challenging problems that no-one has ever solved before. We're looking for smart, creative talent with C/C++ expertise to join our small team. We seek candidates with the ability to quickly learn new skills and to be able to independently research new areas, as needed, for solving challenges. As a startup, we also expect everyone to take on a diverse set of responsibilities.

This company is backed by Entrepreneur First and by a high profile US VC fund. It is an opportunity to make a big impact at an early stage company, to tackle important problems that our customers face, and to personally grow as the company grows.

Person specification

We prefer candidates with a strong technical degree in a relevant area or with relevant work experience. We value candidates with graduate degrees (Masters or PhD) in related areas, but this is not a requirement for the role.

The successful candidate will have experience and skills in the following areas:

  • Proficient in C++
  • Skilled at designing new algorithms for high performance
  • Capable of researching a challenging problem and coming up with new approaches
  • Commercial software development and code base maintenance
  • Software build, deployment and test
  • Experience coordinating other developers (acting as a project or team lead)

The following skills are also valued, but not core to the role:

  • Knowledge of Linux library system and some OS internals
  • Designing for high performance computing
  • Has worked with Bioinformatics tools or pipelines
  • Experience with GPGPU acceleration
  • Experience with Virtual File-systems

We will consider both EU and non-EU candidates.

    Pay is competitive and will be based on the candidates skills, experience and talent. Please send a CV and cover letter to [email protected] or click Apply below.