We are building the world’s most advanced marketplace for organising weddings; making the planning as enjoyable as the day

For many people, weddings are the happiest day of their life. They dream of it for years and share it with the people who are most important to them. From the moment a couple gets engaged it dominates their thinking. But not in a good way.

Organising a wedding is a massive pain. It takes 13 months, hundreds of phone calls, and a never-ending list of moving parts to keep up with. The whole experience is so stressful that 71% of people suffer from hair-loss, headaches, and sleep-loss, while 8% of people consider calling it off altogether.

It shouldn’t be this painful. People get married expecting joy. That's what they should get.


We're looking for a Tech Lead to take our product from MVP and develop the full vision of the platform.

Initially, the team would be small. As we grow, your role and personal development would heavily influence how we build the team around you. Working closely with the Founder & Product Owner, you will be in from the ground up. In the short-term, you would need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. In the long-term, there is ample opportunity to take the role in the direction that interests you most and brings value to the company.

What we're looking for

You will need to be self-organised and independent, yet interested in aligning the team around your technical vision and creating a high performance engineering environment.

You will:

  • have 2-3 years experience with JavaScript, React, Node.js, and MySQL
  • have experience with Git and DevOps
  • have worked in an Agile team
  • be a fast learner, problem solver, and have a positive attitude
  • have had experience mentoring junior members of a team

You would be joining an early stage startup with high growth potential. In the UK £6bn a year is spent on weddings and globally that figure stands at $300bn a year. Yet the industry is archaic and nobody is taking the organising process online in any meaningful way. With Millennials and Gen Z now accounting for the majority of couples getting married, we are betting that they won't want to organise the most memorable occasion of their lives through spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.

Service-based marketplaces have become more commonplace since the success of Uber and AirBnB. Weddings are a completely differently kettle of fish though. The ramifications are much higher if something goes wrong with a once-in-a-lifetime wedding than if something goes wrong with your cab. There is an extraordinary difference in the ticket size as well; in the UK, the average cost of a wedding is £20,000.

What we build has to hit the mark on a different level and that's where the opportunity is. Couples and suppliers are massively underserved by existing wedding platforms, which have not evolved much since many of them were setup 10 years ago. Lots of people turn to Instagram and Facebook instead.

Over 500,000 people get married each year in the UK alone, and almost everyone will at least attend a wedding. Internationally, the pain points are similar. But people still get married and it will always be one of the most important occasions of their life.

We have the opportunity to transform a terrible experience into an unforgettably fulfilling one. We can impact the lives of many, all around the world, with a market-leading product. Join us and make it happen.

Salary range £48,000 — 50,000

Plus share options