Technical Co-founder for a SaaS start up


python flask django aws jquery London | Full-Time

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SaleSource is a software that helps build and expand ecommerce businesses that are using the dropshipping business model. SaleSource is currently one of the only SaaS start ups that is powered by machine learning and is designed exclusively as an all-in-one dropshipping tool, with a multitude of unique, tailored features.

This is our website: https://salesource.io/

It almost goes without saying that the future of ecommerce is very bright. We have been one of the very few start-ups that hasn’t suffered the severe economic consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon all of us. We have ambitious plans for the business and strongly believe that we’re on the money with some of the long-term trends accelerated by COVID-19, such as working from home and starting your own business.

We are self funded and profitable, having been in operation for almost 2 years.

We’re looking for someone to fill the role of a technical co-founder with a proven track record and vast experience in startup growth. It is vital that the applicant knows the ecommerce & dropshipping space and is familiar with Shopify & AliExpress. The ideal candidate will be able to:

· Identify a growth strategy that’s right for our business

· Discover opportunities for organic growth

· Identify new digital marketing opportunities

· Leverage & create digital experiences to foster growth and brand development

Preferred Technical Experience:

· Python

· Flask

· Django


· Jquery

· PostgresSQL

Salary range £24,000 — 36,000